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Episode 8

The ghost that attached itself to Jim (Melinda's Husband) I call these sloths, but I view them as hanging around a persons necks, like they dangle off the person, I dont like them at all. I've had alot of dealing with them and dread it each time. They don't let go easily and yes they really do control a person and can even take over the body sometimes permentently even though the person is still there they just aren't themselves. The ghosts do seem to always be very angry and yeah they are scary. I find it hard when I walk down the street and see them hanging off people, because these people have no idea what is going on around them.

This spirit was able to detach and move around in the show, my psychic mediumship experience has been that they can disappear but I always feel like they are still there even if I cant see them, so Im not sure if they can detach or not (food for thought for me tonight). These ghosts are so miserable and feel world is just not a nice place that they seem to try and make it worse. I've found you have to work out what is the reason behind them being with that person and help them see hope and love and then help them move on. So the show represented it as best as it could without over dramatising it.

Forgiveness is the other topic of the show, this is very personal to me. My grandmother was a very hard woman and never forgave one bit, she went to her grave after having a feud with her mother since she was 15 and had never spoke to her again, she died at 84, after having 74 strokes. She also had problems being a grandmother and rejected all her grandchildren, the last time I saw or spoke to my grandmother was when I was 16.

Ok so forgiveness what is it and how does it affect us in everyday life? Ok if someone does a wrong to you, should you hold the anger? The answer is no! Now this is not saying you forget what they have done, but taking a look at that person and their family history etc.. Most of the time the era they were born or grew up in has alot to answer for how these people turned out. The only way your body can deal with stress is to create it into a physical form eg cancer, stroke, heart attack, anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc.. the list is endless. It is only when you deal with the issue that these problems go away. The longer you hold the issue, the worse the impact on your body, and less chance of healing.

I tend to get sick when I put something off that I know full well I have to do. But as soon as I realize what Im putting off and fix it, that I do get better. If nothing else give it a trial run and see if it works for you.

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