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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 6

Melinda uses her psychic skills to reunite a son with his birthl mother and to make peace with his adopted mother.

Can spirits use their energies to show that they’re there or can they only communicate through a psychic?

Yes, spirits do have enough psychic energy inside them to affect objects around them. The son turned on the radio to show his birth mother that he was still around. A spirit can’t communicate like we can, except through a psychic so they will do what ever is necessary to put their point across.

Should parents be concerned about what their children may find out when they have passed over?

Once again the issue of parenting came up, yes it is important not to lie or hide secrets from children. When a spirit passes over they see the whole picture, the ripple effects of everything, this was explained to me about 10 yrs ago when I had a elder of an Indian tribe come to visit me. I had been asking so many questions for so many years over and over again. One night I was getting ready to go to sleep when this man visited me and sat on end of my bed and answered my questions. I have a better view of the other side now, I can’t say I don’t ever have questions still but I find they are answer them shortly afterwards.

Do spirits need to understand them selves before they cross over?

I felt for the son as he needed to know who he really was, where he came from, it is a question most of us take for granted but its true, we all strive to know who we are everyday of our lives as we all grow and change with each experience in our lives. It is the same in the spirit world for those who haven't crossed over.

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