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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 5

Melinda uses her psychic powers to befriend a group of ‘lost boys before their building is pulled down and they become permanent earth bound spirits.

In your psychic experiences have you ever worked with a ghost that has refused to move on?

Through my years of working as a psychic medium doing house clearings I came across a lot of spirits that refused to move on. These spirits take a lot more time and effort on the part of the psychic medium to convince and then help them move on. Often it is either they like it where they are or they have unfinished business (like a message they want passed on etc). The hardest spirit I ever had was and old lady who decided she liked the house she was living in, over a period of a month I used my psychic abilities to help her to fulfill what she had to do. The message she wanted me to pass on, was to let the family know where she had stashed some papers that explained her life story, where she had come from and ended up at and lessons learnt on the way. It was hard for me as a psychic to explain my abilities to the family and to convince them to have a look. However once they did check and found them, they were very grateful. Once this happened the spirit moved on peacefully.

The boys were able to use their power to make glass explode. Have you ever had to deal with an angry ghost?

Sadly some spirits can remain very angry, they are very hard to deal with and take a lot of my psychic energy to convince them to pass over. They do have the power to make things explode etc. Although the general rule is they can’t hurt a person directly, they can only scare the life out of them. I find when a spirit is angry, it is usually because when they were living no one listened to them and so they have resentment built up. So when they pass they have to let that go but don’t realize this until a psychic explains it to them. Yes I have dealt with angry spirits and yeah they scared me big time but once you step past why they are so angry they are much easier to deal with.

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