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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 4

Melinda used all her psychic power to convince a ghost to cross over and leave his wife so that she could move on with her life. She helped him to accept this when she introduced the wife to the man that had received the ghosts heart.

Is it ‘normal’ for ghosts to be concerned for their loved ones?

If a spirit is worried about how you are coping after they have died they do wait around for you to move on with life. Just because a person passes doesn't mean they stop caring but it is also a good lesson for us that even though they have passed they still want us to move on with life and remember the wonderful times and the way they touched your heart when they were alive. I believe you’re not honouring a person that has passed if you keep your heart and soul locked up behind closed doors. I am lucky because as a psychic medium I have been given the opportunity to understand this.

Have you helped people to communicate with spirits?

I have had many, many clients ask me how they can communicate with their loved ones that have passed. I have found that the best place to communicate with the ghost of your loved ones is often at the person’s favourite place that they used to love going to. One example was a lady who wanted to contact her grandfather, when I asked him how she could connect and talk to him easier he described a lovely place. The place turned out to be where he used to take her when she was a child. He would sit there for hours and hours talking and playing with her. When he passed he said he would meet her there whenever she needed to talk. That gave her the peace to know he was not only around looking after her but that she had a way of feeling close to him.

Have you ever had a spirit that doesn’t want to ‘cross over’ for fear of leaving their loved ones?

In my psychic experience the living family often find it harder to let go than the person who has passed. I feel for the young children who pass and they are so sad to see their parents and family fall a heap. They spend so much time comforting their family members and are often stuck on the earth plain for sometime trying to help their family move on again.

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