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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 10

Melinda has to use her psychic medium powers to convince a ghost to stop haunting her husbands new fiancé, despite Melinda's own pangs of jealousy.

Have you ever had to deal with a ghost haunting their loved ones?

There are many, many stories of loved ones waiting on the other side for their true loves, some walking the ‘earth plain’ searching for hundreds of years. I've had dealings with parents searching for children they have lost, partners they want to say goodbye to etc.... I found the story line on the show interesting because it showed that what she thought was reasonable, on the ‘earth plain’ haunting her living ex husband.  She thought she was trapped because she didn’t have enough time with him, but in fact it was that her true love was searching for her.

When there is a Leep loss of love is it possible for a ghost to cross over with out help from a psychic medium?

When I was a teenager I was taken to a country town in SA to witness a yearly event. What I was to experience was just awesome to watch. First of all we started seeing all these horse drawn carriages coming up to the front door of the mansion. I mean we saw probably 30+ couples, dressed in ball room gear from the 1800's. This was a beautiful house and could easily cater to a grand ball of the era. At midnight you hear a scream that chills you to your bones and then it all vanished. The story from the locals is that it had been mistress of the house's birthday just before midnight she went looking for her husband to be and found him hanging in the attic at midnight; they relive this event every year. Back then I had no idea how to pass spirits over and just watched in awe. This scene plays out for 15 minutes every year. The owners of the mansion say the lady of the house walks its hallways opening and shutting doors looking for her loved one on the lower decks but in the attic there has been known to hear strange noises that have a male feel to them. If they were to be brought together by a psychic medium then this scene would stop playing out.

Is it hard to teach ghosts not to be jealous?

A good friend of mine once said that a partner may have had previous partners but who is he with now? There is always a reason why a relationship ends and many reasons why we should never go back after a breakup unless issues are adequately dealt with. You can love many times but each time it is different and powerful in different ways, no one can judge another as we are all so very different. We pick partners for the lessons they will teach us and us them.



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