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Dawson's Creek 17th Episode

Psychic Friends

‘Psychic Friends’ was in fact the 17th episode of an American primetime television drama series called Dawson's Creek. It was a semi-autobiographical show created by Kevin Williamson and was first telecast on the WB network on January 20, 1998 and continued playing till May14, 2003. The production company of the series was Sony Pictures Television.

The main story is based on the small town childhood background and interests of its creator Kevin Williamson. It was targeted at teenaged audience. The name of the lead character of the Dawson's Creek was Dawson Leery and it was played by James Van Der Beek. The main action took place at a fictional seaside town called Cape side located somewhere in Massachusetts. The story revolved around four friends when they were studying in an earlier part of their sophomore year of high school.

The theme of the program obviously related to the teenagers and their inter relationships, romances, reactions and experiences.

Dawson’s best friend and soul mate in his childhood was Joey Potter. Joey and Dawson had a serious relationship, but they considered themselves merely as soul mates and that their relationship rose above the earthly romantic plane.

In fact Joey was a confused teenager who lived with her sister and worked for her at the family restaurant. Soon another girl named Jen Lindley came from New York and had a crush on Dawson. Though Joey felt jealous of Jen, yet she could not compete with her for the affection of her former lover. Meanwhile she met a Gypsy fortune teller at the annual Capeside Carnival who advised her to open up to every opportunity that came across her. So she fell in love with Colin Manchester, a dashing photographer, but he refused to oblige her. Later on she met Dawson once again who admitted his love for her. After some time she again broke up with him because she tried to find out her true identity. She never saw him again.

The series won tremendous applause form the media especially The New York Times for its realism, racy plots and intelligent dialogues. Its crew and the actors were nominated for many prestigious awards.

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