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Test Psychic Ability

There are no standardized rules to test your psychic ability. Probably there is no need either. The only thing is to be honest with yourself. You can conduct your own test and note down your scores and make comparisons on daily basis. You can watch your level of improvement or failures, if any.

You can also devise your own test procedure. For example, you can conduct a number of trials using picture cards to test your ability. Each trial should contain the same number of cards, say five cards, bearing pictures of similar nature. The trial can be conducted using the computer where each image is hidden on the right side and on the left side are possible options of the pictures. You are required to concentrate and try to guess what the picture is before you know it. After guessing, move your mouse over the picture square and a click of the mouse will reveal the true picture allowing you to confirm or reject your guess.

If you do not have computer, you can place five cards face downwards, so that you cannot see their front sides. Make a guess, like above, take up the card, see its face and note down whether your guess was correct or incorrect.

To illustrate the point, the first trial pack of cards may contain the pictures of birds such as the sparrow, peacock, crow, cuckoo, robin redbreast, the second trial pack may contain the pictures of some famous international leaders such as Kennedy, Nixon, Blair, Gandhi and Mandela. The third pack may similarly have the pictures of some landmark buildings like White House, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, the Taj and so on. Similarly the other packs of cards may consist of the pictures of festival celebrations, plants, flowers, games, means of transport like car, bus, plane or ships.

A criterion of scores can be fixed depending upon the number of trial packs, the number of correct guess in each pack and the percentage of correct guesses. Initially your score may be much less than expected as your guesses may not be correct, but with the passage of time and with continued practice the score is likely to become more and more significant.

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