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Sydney Psychics

Our Sydney Psychics offer Genuine Guidance on all issues such as Love, Life, Career, Romance, Relationships, Business, Family and more! Call our Sydney Psychics for an Amazing Psychic Experience!

Credit Card Phone Psychic Reading:

1800 732 337 (1800 READER)

Australian Credit Card, cost $2.50 AUD /min, $37.50 15 minutes minimum.

Phone Helpdesk Psychic Reading:

1800 222 362

Australian Phone Charge, cost $2.50 AUD /min (mobile phones extra).

Service Provider: Access Positive. If you are having problems getting connected to your selected psychic, or you would like to be connected via our staff please phone our help desk on 1800 222 362 , $2.50/min or email us at

Here at the psychic line, our Sydney Psychics are waiting to talk to you. They perform:

Australian born and raised, our Authentic Sydney Psychics will b provide you with an Accurate Psychic Reading that will guide you through your life, and provide advice regarding certain situations surrounding your life.

We all need some guidance in our lives, an external view and external opinions on how we should handle current situations. Our Sydney Psychics can help you there. The Sydney Psychics can help you in all aspects of life, giving advice and providing guidance on certain situations.

All of us need someone to talk to, who better than a Qualified Psychic that is able to provide you with accurate psychic guidance and support. Our Sydney Psychics offer Psychic Readings that will enable you to find out what solutions can help what problems. Sydney Psychics can also help you organize your life, alleviating the more stressful parts of it by breaking them down slowly and more comfortably.

Our Sydney Psychics also help in mending relationships, and have brought families together by psychic readings. Here you can get into contact with an experienced Clairaudient who will provide you with guidance and relationship advice from the Spirits who have a greater insight into your life.

Channeling is a form of mediumship that encompasses the transfer of information from a source perceived not to be of physical form. Channeling is performed in an altered state of mind or consciousness. Our Sydnet Mediums are able to help you in channeling passed on souls. To speak to a psychic medium in Sydney simply call Psychic Readings today.

The Sydney Psychics can also conduct sessions that will disperse of any unwanted spirits in your home that may be causing disturbances. Through channeling, the Sydney Psychics can channel the spirit, asking it to identify itself, and reveal its purpose and relationship to the ones being haunted.

Our Sydney Psychics are also here to assist you in psychic predictions, and what the future holds for you and your family. The Sydney Psychics can help you in identifying the problem areas of the forthcoming year, and help you in getting over them confidently. They will provide you with a clear mind of thinking, and will ensure that all problems are solved quickly and correctly.

All our Psychic Readers are available through the Psychic Hotline. Please have your credit card details ready.


When to Consult a Psychic?

Most people consult a psychic when they feel down and lost. They consult a psychic when they feel upset, stressed out, annoyed, hurt and irritated about something or someone. They consult a psychic because they want to be guided on how to get out of these feelings. These feelings are all negative energies that surround a person. These are the energies you bring with you when you consult a psychic with this state of mind.

Consulting a psychic bringing with you negativity, the psychic needs to overcome these negative energies so she can dig deep into the truth. These negative energies will tend to block the psychic. To ensure an accurate psychic reading, you should avoid consulting a psychic when you are filled with negative energy. It is not the best time to consult a psychic when you are anxious and stressed out over a certain event or hurt and angry after an argument with a loved one.

When then, is the right time to consult a psychic for guidance?

A Tarot, Astrology, Rune or Psychic Reading is a dialogue between yourself and the psychic. The interaction between you and the psychic is an important component of any reading. The psychic tunes into your consciousness to enable her to give a reading. Your negative state of mind will make it difficult for the psychic to feel your vibrations.

To ensure you get a spot on reading, you need to be in a relaxed state of mind.

You should allow the psychic to do what she has to do. You also need to have an open to everything the psychic will tell you. More importantly, you need to be able to listen well. When you seek a psychic a psychic reading, it does not mean that you need to agree on everything the psychic will tell you. You should be able to distinguish information you feel is accurate. It is however important that you listen to what she says.



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