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Crikey! Has Steve Irwin reincarnated?

Is there any chance that Steve Irwin has been reincarnated?

Can we really find the reincarnated Steve Irwin?

The idea of this project is to endeavour to find who and where Steve has reincarnated to. This is not totally a unique situation as the reincarnated Dalai Lama was found after a comprehensive search by the monk elders.

The aim is to find infants that have been born recently and determine which one reacts when they hear Steve Irwin’s voice or the voice of his family on the TV when listening to one of Steve Irwin’s numerous ongoing documentaries.

From these young children who react strikingly to Steve Irwin’s voice, we can hopefully follow their progress and one may emerge as the reincarnated Steve Irwin.

This is a one in a million chance, as most of us don’t remember anything of our recent past life. Also, the reincarnated Steve may be born to a family that is isolated from the western world and television.

Reincarnation is the process where when we die, our souls leave our bodies and enter the womb of a pregnant woman, usually around 3 to 4 months into their pregnancy.  Most of us have been through this process, yet through the passage of time spent in the womb we forget or lose the memory of our recent life and begin to assume our new life. By the time we are born and are able to communicate, we have completely forgotten the memory of our past life. This is the same process as when we dream (which we do practically every night), yet we mostly forget almost instantly.

You may be thinking that this will give false hope or the chances of success are one in a billion or more. Yet, wasn’t that what Steve Irwin was - a 'one in a billion' person? And if anyone could do this, it may be Steve. As all of us who know and love Steve Irwin, he had unlimited positive energy and he could not sit still. So hopefully this energy will make itself known to the world - "I am back to save wildlife again!".

How are we going to do this?
Steve Irwin died on September 4, 2006. If he did reincarnate within a few weeks and he entered the womb of a four-month pregnant lady, that would place his new birth around Jan 2007. Today, Steve may be in the body of a male or female child of about 9 years of age.They will hopefully display some recognizable reactions to his own TV programs, especially hearing the familiar voices of himself and his family and friends.  This may take some months or years for the growing infant to communicate his/her reactions and feelings.

If you do notice any positive reactions from your child when you are watching Steve Irwin on TV, spare a thought that you may have a reincarnated Steve. Of course he/she may just be reacting to the charismatic and always entertaining Steve Irwin, so we can create a few tests like they did to test with the current Dalai Lama.

Crikey! This has never been achieved in the Western world before, but wouldn’t it be just like Steve to do the impossible - amaze us all and change the world again!



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