Should You Call it Quits? Online Test

Being in a relationship is a challenge and a blessing. Relationships ought to make you happy and contented, not miserable and wanting. If you are seeing the signs your relationship is no longer a healthy one to be in, find out if you need to let it go. Take this love quiz to know the truth if you should dump your partner for good or give your love another chance.

1. Your last big fight was over what?
a.Your partner finished off the chocolate cake you’ve been saving for TV time.
b. You can’t remember. You fight almost all the time.
c. You never fight.

6. What happens if your partner’s ex unexpected called and you are together?
a. Tells you it’s the ex and talk to the person on the other line anyway.
b. Misses the call, tells you they need to go to the bathroom and disappears for a very long time. When you checked out their phone, the battery is drained.
They immediately tell the ex they are with you and says goodbye upfront.
2. What is his initial reaction when you talk about the future?
a. Your partner hugs you, gives you a long smooch until you totally forget about it.
b.They give you a shocked look and mumble to themselves about talking later or what future.
c.They eagerly and honestly talks about your relationship, where it’s at and where it’s going.
7. How is your partner when you two are attending a party together?
a. Wanders off, chat with some people for some time but gets back to you with a cocktail or punch.
b.Totally surrounded by the hottest people in the party. The next time you’ll talk is when it’s time to go home.
c. Sits close to you all the time. The only time they stands up is when they get you a drink or when nature is calling. Other than that, they're all eyes and ears on you.
3. What happens if you bring your partner in a family function?
a. Initially sulks in a corner but gives in afterwards.
b. He stood you up.
c. Gets instantly booked for the next family affair and celebration.
8. What did your partner bought you on your last anniversary or special occasions such as Valentine’s Day?
a. A great outfit only if it’s the right size and colour you like.
b. They totally forget your anniversary and Valentine’s Day. You literally need to remind them or see that annoying shocked look in their face when you gave them your present.
c. They give you a wide collection of everything you like and sweet tokens, or perhaps something that is deep and meaningful.
4. When you bring up the topic about your partner with your friends, what is their initial reaction?
a. Some of them have good things to say and others find them a bit peculiar and not right for you.
b.They quickly change the topic never to return ever again.
c. Mostly gush about how lucky you are and how awesome your partner is.

9. What does your partner do if you need to be far from each other due to work or school requirements?
a. Makes the effort to call or visit every now and then.
b. He just vanished in thin air. The set-up is “See you when l see you” so try to live with that. Distance is just too much for him to bear..
c. He calls you as often as he could. Your phone inbox is to the limits with his text messages as well as your email and IM.

5.You confronted your partner about a rumour going around with someone. When you did asked about it, what happen?
a. Shrugs and laughs and discards the subject with a defense that it’s all a misunderstanding.
b. Goes berserk and screams at you about not trusting your love and relationship.
c. Explains and proves to the best that they can the rumours are all but empty lies.

10.When you are out on a dinner together, what does your partner usually do?
a. Sit there, casually talks to you and mumble how hungry they are and that your order should be in minutes ago.
b. They are all eyes and ears on their phone and totally forgets they are having a dinner date with you and not in their alone time.
c. You have the most intimate and romantic dinner with endless topics to talk about over a hearty meal.

A healthy relationship takes two to tango and if he is not doing his job, it is definitely unfair to you. You don’t deserve a relationship which does not value you as a person and partner. Find someone who will love and appreciate you and get rid of a nightmarish affair once and for all.

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