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Sensing Murder

Sensing Murder is an Australian and New Zealand psychic tv show that uses psychics to help solve murders. Each episode tells the story of an unsolved murder and gives all the facts currently known about the case and then a psychic is used to investigate the unsolved killing. During the filming of this psychic tv show there were discoveries made by the psychics that had no rational explanation.

The series was made possible with help from retired policemen, current policemen and some excellent Australian and New Zealand. Any leads thrown up by the psychics were given to a private investigation firm for further scrutiny. All the information collected from the psychics will be passed on to the police as each episode airs.

The show has proven to be very popular which is currently being shown in New Zealand. The last episode shown had police phones ringing off the hook with information after an Australian psychic medium provided an identikit picture of the man she believed killed the victim. For more about this Sensing Murder psychic tv news story.

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