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Psychic Teri

At about fourteen years of age I began to see auras around people, realized that I could hear their thoughts, and that I could communication telepathically. My mother had been somewhat of an intuitive herself and taught me to read people by listening to and sensing others emotions. My father was good at seeing the reality of a situation, so with my mother's intuition and my father's ability to cut to the chase, I became very good at communicating intuitively by getting right to the bottom of things. Friends of my age group would ask me tell them about their friends and what I saw or sensed about them. I became very good at determining the intentions of others in their relationships and giving them advice on how to handle different relationship situations.

When I turned seventeen, I heard about the Berkeley Psychic Institute and how they taught how to see and communicate with spirit and I was very excited to learn more. At about 18 years of age, I began taking classes at BPI and learned about healing myself and the art of healing others. These techniques were taught to me by teaching me how to communicate by using my clairvoyance and communicating with others through mental image pictures. I also learned how to do different types of healing and one of these ways was to use my healing guides. It was a very exciting time in my life as I became even more aware of spirit and my own ability to communicate and work with others.

Today, I work with different people and groups within my community to help them work through any type of energy or situation that they are having a hard time moving through.

I look forward speaking to you
Psychic Teri


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