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Psychic SerenaPsychic Serena is a highly intuitive Psychic Reader.

She is highly experienced and has been with us for more than 4 years. Serena is an Accurate relationships psychic and will surely be able to advise you on the right path to love.

Psychic Serena offers the following psychic readings

You can Contact Psychic Serena through the Psychic Hotline, as she is a Phone Psychic, and soon will be available on the New and Improved Psychic Online Chat.

Psychic Serena's Testimonials

This is my first reading I had with Serena and I must say that I am impressed with her insight and accuracy! Everything makes sense now! Thank you so much for your advice and I look forward to speaking to you again!
~ Linda, NSW

I've had several readings with Serena over the past 2 years. In the time she has read for me, Serena has predicted things happening for me that I never dreamed would happen so quickly when she mentioned them to me - yet they all seemed to come true and all very close to the time frame predictions she has made. 

At the same time Serena has been able to deliver all predictions honestly whether good or bad and with care and compassion. A truly excellent reader and lovely lady.
~ Christine D.

Hi, I recently had a reading with one of the psychics working for and was amazed with her accuracy. Her name is Selena and she is so accurate and genuine. I would like to recommend her service to anyone seeking a professional who they can rely on. She told me we would be given a new puppy in the very near future. She said we wouldn't go looking to buy one because he would come to us. She described him as a male tan and white fox terrier. The next day my sister phoned to say a friend had a litter of fox terrier puppies looking for homes. We now have a beautiful tan and white fox terrier who is a wonderful companion for our older basset hound who lost her original companion last November. They are best mates. Selena also said she could see a wedding coming up in our family, which there is, and also a baby being born and it would be a girl. I confirmed that we were expecting a grandbaby any day. At that time nobody new the sex of the new baby. Sure enough the new baby arrived within a week and it was a girl. She has predicted other positive things for our future and given her accuracy so far I can hardly wait. I didn't even ask about whether we would be getting a puppy....her guides just picked up on the info and she shared it. Selena is a gifted and wonderful person who shares her information in a positive and caring way. She is easy to talk to and I am so happy I got the opportunity to have a reading with her. I have spoken with her to personally thank her and to give her positive feedback about the reading. The fact that our puppy came to us just as she described is very special to me. There is no way she could have known this and it is validation of her special gift.

Thanks Selena!
Best wishes,
~ Cheryl, Hunter Valley, NSW

Having tried several psychics now psychic Selina has stood out as one of the best! Her honest and deep insight into my situations have given me an excellent and invaluable understanding of how to handle things. She is able to read the emotions of the other person in question that most other psychics have failed to see and passes on advice from the guides honestly and subjectively yet always with compassion. 5 stars!

To have a Professional Psychic Reading with Psychic Serena:

Serena's Access Code: 197


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