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Special Offers for Psychic Readings

Quite a number of psychics make special offers for psychic readings to promote themselves and also to spread the message of psychics across the larger sections of the public who remain unaware or indifferent to metaphysical knowledge due to ignorance or irrational and personal prejudices.

The special offers can be made in form of heavily reduced charges for a limited period. The special offers may include free answers to an equal number of paid questions. Ask five paid questions and get another five questions answered free. It is not that you encounter problems only in one sphere of your life. You have problems galore and want answers to all of them. You can make the best of these special offers for psychic readings. It is a win win situation for both the psychic and the clients. While the psychic earns publicity and goodwill, the clients get free answers for many nagging questions.

The special offers may also include free readings using one tool along with paid reading using a different tool. These special offers generate interest and awareness among the general public in the variety of tools and services that the psychics provide. If the client is convinced of the efficacy of another tool, next time he/she may seek the use of two tools just to confirm the accuracy of the information. For example, you may seek the psychic reading of your problem using your horoscope and confirm the accuracy of the astrological prediction through the medium of trance. In this way, you can get one service free for one paid service and also the satisfaction of a confirmed accurate answer.

Love is a wide spread human obsession. You may have so many questions regarding your love life, but are unwilling to pay for all of them. The psychics may offer to answer a certain number of questions free during the Valentine days. Similarly the New Year and Christmas can be occasions for special readings about how your new year is going to affect the various aspects of your life.

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