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Psychic Readings in Kilmore, Victoria

We are now offering personal psychic readings near Kilmore Victoria.

For more information on how to get a Personal Psychic Reading with one of our Psychics please call the Helpdesk on 1800 222 362.


Genuine and Gifted Psychic Readers offers insight and clarity on areas such as love, career, money, family, relationships and romance.

Service available for the following areas Kilmore, Lancefield, Wallan, Seymour, Craigieburn, Gisborne, Kyneton, and nearby suburbs.


To get a Phone Psychic Reading please call our number below:

Credit Card Phone Psychic Reading:

1800 732 337 (1800 READER)

Australian Credit Card, cost $2.50 AUD /min, 15 minutes minimum $37.50 AUD.

Phone Helpdesk for a psychic Reading:

1800 222 362

Australian Phone Charge, cost $2.50 AUD /min

Service Provider: Access Positive. If you are having problems getting connected to your selected psychic, please phone our help desk on 1800 732 337, $2.50/min or email us at

Most of us are constantly nagged by doubts and fears. There are certain questions that take away our peace of mind. Most of us are obsessed with the same questions. No amount of counseling by the so-called experts can pacify us. If you find yourself in such an unenviable situation, it is time to get a Personal Psychic Reading. The best course is to contact a psychic even as these problems begin to arise so as to nip them in the bud.

Some persons are intrigued by such questions: why they came into this world, who actually they are and what decides the nature of their relationships with those around them. Or, why some people are rolling in filthy wealth and on the other hand there is crippling poverty in their neighborhood. Why while one child of a couple is born intelligent, happy and healthy, the other is born sick, weak and a cause of endless tension and anxiety.

A psychic is a multi-dimensional personality. He/She is a repository of a variety of supernatural powers also called extra sensory powers of perception.

A psychic has the powers of clairvoyance, sixth sense, hunch, intuition, clairaudience, psychokinesis and so on. He can even go into trance and see the things as clearly as we do with our eyes in our daily life To put it more clearly, he sees what our eyes cannot see. He can use these powers severally or in combination to resolve your problems and answer your questions.

He also has certain psychic tools that he skillfully uses to answer your questions. If you have any questions about mysticism and spirituality, you can get a personal psychic reading and ask a psychic about their answers. You should consult a psychic and seek his guidance if you  face problems in your health, profession, career, and relationships in social, marital or love life, litigation, education, debt, mortgage, travel, relocation and much more.

The tools that a psychic may use are numerology, astrology, palmistry, tarot reading, crystal gazing, dream interpretation, aura reading and so on.

Some psychics have kindly spirits as their guides. The spirit guides can even help the psychics to draw the pictures of your deceased parent, grandparent, spouse, friend, child or lover even though the psychic may never have met or seen them. It appears that the spirit guide holds his hand and directs it to do the drawing.

Imagine seeing the figure of your great grandfather, even though you never saw him. Or, you may get the drawing of your dead parent, spouse, child or a friend from a person who has never seen you even, not to speak of your loved one, and knows absolutely nothing about you or your family.  How pleasantly surprised would you feel to know that your loved one is still alive and well, or, that he or she is watching you lovingly and benignly  from the spirit world!

You may not only be shown the picture of your loved one, you may also know the color of his skin, eyes, hair or style of the dress she wears. You feel as if your loved one is sitting close to you almost talking with you. You may also receive some special message from your loved one through the psychic. The message would most likely pertain to something about your private family life which you alone know.

In this way you can get a convincing verbal communication with visual validation. Later on you can walk away from the psychic with something concrete in form of a drawing and share it with your family and fiends.

Some people report remarkable resemblance of the drawing with the survivors or the actual photograph of the deceased which may be a part of the family album.

If you ask your psychic, you may learn about your past lives and create a kind of sequence of karma and its effect in determining the kind of life you presently have. It may explain why some things come easily to you while they appear difficult to others.

The Advantages of Personal Psychic Readings


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