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First Time Caller Special Psychic Reading

Although the psychic powers are being recognized across the world more than ever before, still there is lot of ignorance and skepticism about the true nature of psychic abilities and their usefulness in the life of an ordinary person. This ignorance is more wide spread among the so-called educated classes who measure the utility of every thing by ‘scientific’ or rational approach. Then there are others who feel shy of calling the psychics lest they be considered superstitious.

Thus both these types of people continue to be deprived of the much needed psychic services and keep suffering simply because they are close-minded to research, experimentation and trial. Such people forget that the lack of open mindedness to any thing new is also an unscientific approach. It is for the benefit of such people that the psychics offer free readings and special services to the first time callers or novices.

These newbies get a taste of the pudding as they are provided glimpses of truth about their private lives and problems through the use of psychic powers. The purpose behind the free special readings is not only commercial, but also altruistic in so far as the objective is also to spread the spiritual and psychic knowledge and its usefulness to the cause of suffering humanity.

First time callers may also be provided special psychic readings at discounted rates or in form of special packages. Some psychics, therefore, slash the rates heavily from their usual per minute or per question charges. The special package may also be in form of a fixed charge, say $10 for a number of questions that the new callers may ask. The question may be asked on the telephone, through email or the chatting platform provided in the website of the psychic. Though It is always advisable to fix an appointment in advance, there are some psychics who are readily available on line if you log on to their websites.

Here at you are welcome to call a psychics at your convenience. We assure you that you will visit us again and again once you benefit from having a psychic reading.


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