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These influences consist of your Major Influence, plus this years vibration which begins on your birthday each year. The learning involved here gives direction for the following year and assists, in guiding us through times of change in our lives. The learning and experience during this time, assist us in understanding that sometimes, we may need to repeat an experience of the past to gain greater understanding for our future.

8[day]+7[month]=15, 1+5=6. If this year is 2005, it breaks down to 2+0+0+5=7, this is then added to your Major Influence which becomes, 6+7=13, 1+3=4.
Your Temporary Major Influence number for the year is four [4].

Other Examples
7[day]+3[month]=10, 1+0=1. Then add this years vibration of seven[7] becomes 1+7=8, so your Temporary Major Influence number is eight[8] for the year.

19[day]+12[month]=1+9+1+2=13, 1+3=4. Then add seven [7] for the year, which becomes, 4+7=11, which remains the same, being a Master Number. Your Temporary Major Influence number is eleven [11] for the year.

12[day]+8[month]=20, 2+0=2 then add seven[7] which becomes, 2+7=9. Nine [9] becomes your Temporary Major Influence for the year.

5[day]+9[month]=14, 1+4=5, then add Seven[7] which becomes 5+7=12, 1+2=3 Three [3] is your Temporary Major Influence for the year.


1. The Temporary Major influence of one [1], brings with it a time of new beginnings and awareness that your life is changing around you. A new start, where you are creating a new life for yourself. The old ways no longer suit your purpose, and you may be be required to stand alone in the midst of change. The setting of long term goals may also be required of you. You have the talent and the skills to set these goals, and have the ability to stand on your own two feet, and to promote your ideas to the world around you. Just be aware at times of taking things too far without considering others.

Determination, independence, experiences, miracles, arrogance, self-centered, subconscious, energy, consequences, individuality, friendships.

2. The Temporary Major Influences of two [2], is a time of waiting for things to eventuate. It is a time to contemplate on what has been happening in your life up to this point. It can be a time of the unknown, where you may not be aware of all the circumstances that are happening around you. There will be some fluctuations in how you are feeling, and some confusion on what to do. Be aware of what you are saying and doing during this cycle, as there can be some confrontations and deceptions around you. By standing in your own power you may discover a new and peaceful means of dealing with adversity in your life, leading you to greater understanding of what life is really about.

Gestation, growth, self-expression, waiting, confrontation, peace, productivity, relationships, awareness, search, soul.

3.The Temporary Major Influence of the three [3], creates growth and self-expression in all that you do. The difficulties of the past may have shown you what you need to do with your life. There maybe concentration on improving you standards in life, and growing and learning as this comes about. People maybe impressed by the changes that are occurring around you, and this can bring a new circle of friendships your way. This can also be a time of wishing for what you want, but be careful what you wish for, because it will come true in both a positive and negative ways. During this cycle your dreams can now become a reality.

Growth, travel, change, friendships, impressions, out-going, recognition, arts, creativity, realization, inner-growth.

4. The Temporary Major Influences of four [4], creates a need to change the order of things in your life, to create a more efficient world around yourself. It is a time where your environment needs to grow from what it use to be. It is a time of material gain, where your positive attitude can create great benefit for yourself, and those around you. The struggles that may be around you during this time, just makes you more determine to solve any difficulties that may come your way. Your awareness of what is really happening, brings you rewards from others, and can lead you to greater success.

Building, practicality, worthiness, honour, gains, determination, forward, duration, balance, visionary, finances, justice.

5. The Temporary Major Influence of five [5], brings forth a time of changes and turning points in your life. This is a wake-up cycle, where you may find new horizons to search for. It is a time of breaking away from stagnation, and a time of wanting new adventures. People from your past, may resurface and steer you to
the right path. These encounters only makes you more determined to achieve more with your life. This is a time of expression and self-awareness, and this attracts people to you. During this cycle you are driven by inner force to change and this can lead to altering your lifestyle, leading to more self-control, with your place in the universe.

Changes, awareness, unusual, travel, unconventional, renewal, adventure, expression, politics, patterns, self-control.

6. The Temporary Major Influence of the six [6], is one of self-healing and facing truth. This can be a rewarding time, leading you to finding answers to your questions. After some upheavals, you may discover that this time was sent to change directions, in your life. Your energies at this time may be concentrated on the home and community. You may feel a greater sense of “doing the right thing” and could possibly join some organization. A peaceful existence is utmost on your mind, so you may avoid what needs to be done. You may require some time by yourself to contemplate, and to regain some lost energy, which you have more than likely given to someone else.

Restructuring. remodeling, redecorating, self-healing, responsibility, community, justice, obstinate, recluse, reason, peace.

7. The Temporary Vibration of a seven [7], is one of reflection and rest. You may have found that you have been overworking yourself and need some “time out” before you decide where you are going, from this point. Health issues may arise if you don’t slow down. This is an excellent year to perhaps, do the things you really want to do and to take a chance on changing what no longer suits your purpose in life. You may find yourself wanting to also socialize, and perhaps make new friends. Your world is changing and growing but you may need to take extra care of yourself, to allow this new way to develop into what you really want, without the illusions of what is not real.

Transformation, rest, relaxation, development, facets, inner-truth, curiosity, health, learning, advancing, searching.

8. The Temporary Major Influence of eight [8], brings times of responsibility, especially around finances. It is perhaps time to consider building a foundation for the future. Under this vibration you can expect results in whatever you do. Your sense of moving forward is strong and you may at times be willing to take risks that you would not have considered in the past. Your desires in life are strong during this cycle, and many changes for the better can occur. The risks you take during this time, can lead you into a new way of life and better prospects, for the years to come.

Ambition, consideration, finances, risks, building, foundation, willingness, giving, courage, strength, worldliness, recognition.

9. The Temporary Major Influence of nine [9], is the time of ending, ready for new beginnings. Under this vibration you may find it hard to leave things behind. Yet you know you must to complete this cycle. Events may take place quickly at the moment, where there maybe little time to scratch those little itches. Your goals can come to realization during this time and a lot of projects may come to completions, preparing you for new ways and new projects. Friendships made at this time can be long lasting with many rewards.

Realization, completions, growth, advancement, change, charity, donation, reconstruction, recognition, consistency, expectations.

11. The Temporary Major Influence of eleven [11], is one of quick and decisive decision. There can be many changes under this master vibration, and some of them can be around legal dealings of some sort. Partnerships can also be formed, where complication may need to be settled. Your energies maybe more intense under this vibration, so be careful with health issues. The learning which you may develop during this time can have long term consequences, and a need to make decision on basis of what is right for all concerned, may require some sacrifices from you.

Inspiration, justice, requirements, needs, relationships, development, decision, reactions, enjoyment, amazement, learning.

22. The Temporary Major Influence of twenty-two [22], brings with it advancement, and the wanting to achieve your goals with the least bit of trouble. Travel may arise on occasions, for business as well as pleasure. This can be a time of extreme misfortune, or extreme luck, depending on what the venture is. Dealings with people usually go well, but if it is speculation then there can be some concerns around losses. Your organizing skills can also come to the forefront under this vibration, leading you to better prospects in the future.

Care freeness, dealings, social events, travel, nature, caring, leadership, friendships, renown, speculation, advancement.

33. The Temporary Major Influence of thirty-three [33], is one of learning about having faith in your own abilities. During this cycle, you may discover that people come to you to sort out their problems. Again, you need to be aware of who you are assisting as it can bring you dissatisfaction. This vibration is a time of learning to be of service to your fellow man.

Alleviation, versatile, dissatisfaction, fellowship, caring, compassion, understanding, existence, universal love, co-existing.

44. The Temporary Major Influence of forty-four [44]. This can be a time of re-evaluation, where you are going in life, and to work out what you really want to do. The experiences during this vibration brings a time of knowing what is best for yourself, and those you care about. Once you work out that this change needs to come, from within, instead of without, your life begins to take on a new ways. It also brings opportunity your way, and can lead you to a more prosperous life in the years to come.

Opportunity, knowing, experience, family, joy, prosperity, luck, strength, courage, change, benefactor, inner-knowledge.

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