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Temporary Given Name Vibration

The universe is a powerful source of Psychic Energy, and once we tap into this source, we may discover that we can tune into this energy and understand more about ourselves and others. The Temporary Given Name Vibration comes from adding your given name with this years vibration.
For example:

Ann becomes, A[1]+N[5]+N[5]=11, then add this year vibration, and this being the 2005 which is a seven [7] becomes, 1+1+7=9. Ann’s Temporary Given Name Vibration is nine [9] for this year.

Freddie becomes, F[6]+R[9]+E[5]+D[4]+D[4]+I[9]+E[5]=42, 4+2=6, then add this years vibration of a seven[7] which becomes, 6+7=13, 1+3=4. Freddie's Temporary Given Name Vibration is four [4] for the year.

Azura becomes, A[1]+Z[8]+U[3]+R[9]+A[1]=22, then add this years vibration of seven [7], which becomes, 2+2+7=11. Azure's Temporary Given Name Vibration is the Master Number of eleven [11]. which remains the same.

John becomes, J[1]+O[6]+H[8]+N[5]=20, 2+0=2, then add seven[7] for this years vibration, which becomes, 2+7=9. John’s Temporary Given Name Vibration is nine[9].

1. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of one [1]. Get ready for changes in your life. This is a time of awakening the sleepy giant within you. You may feel that the time has come to create changes in your life, for your own personal growth. You may feel a new sense of adventure in your life where you are willing to take more risks than usual. This is an excellent time to create new projects, to do things that you have been dreaming of, to take control of your life.
Creative, soul-searching, reality, leader, authority, adventure, maintenance, self-conscious, dedication, risk-taker, enjoyment.

2. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of two [2], brings in a time of learning to mix with others. To communicate your needs, and to share with those around you. At times you may find yourself in a position to assist others. Organization of home and your social life can at times, become a real juggling act under this vibration, where there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to cope with all the pressure that maybe around you. During this cycle, people may use your gifts, to assist them in reaching their goals. Your communications skills are high, and when you speak, people listen to what you have to say Your ideas are creative and innovative, at the same time. New relationships may form during this time, leaving you with feeling of contentment and bliss.
Innovation, relationships, contentment, sharing gifts, ability, assistance, mixing, listening, communications, inner-depth.

3. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of three [3], leads to learning to take more control of yourself, and your environment. You may have come to the conclusion that you have learnt your lessons, from the past, and wish to try new ways of doing things. Freedom becomes more important to you under this vibration, and you are just learning to take off on new adventures. Pursuits in the artistic field may hold some fascination to you, to the extent where you may wish to discover your own hidden talents.
Realization, conclusion, nature, beauty, freedom, awareness, control, adventure, fascination, pursuits, discipline.

4. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of four [4] is one of learning how to reason and organize your life whether at home or work. It is a time where you maybe starting to get ahead in life, but may need to work out ways of fitting everything in. Finances may also start to pick-up during this cycle, and new friendships may also start to develop. The home and family also may hold a special place in your heart, during this time as it is the foundation of who you are as a person.
Joining, analyzing, finances, juggling, building, development, morals, order, balance, journey, reality, illusion.

5. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of five [5]. This can be a time of letting go of all the worries and concerns in your life. A rewarding time lies ahead of you, especially after you have released the emotions that no longer have any purpose in your life. Five[5] is the center of numbers from one [1] to nine [9], so you either are looking forward to the future, or staying in the past. This is a conscious choice which only you can make. Once the pages of time have turned, there maybe a new and wonderful awareness opening up for you.
Explorer, highways, horizons, chance, change, renewal, turning-points, adventure, freedom, quest, magnetic.

6. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of six [6]. This is the number for truth. You seek truth and find it difficult when others try to deceive you, as you can see right through them. You have the ability to heal others and make an excellent person to have around, when times are tough, for you are willing to roll up your sleeves and assist where ever you are needed most. Your compassion for others also makes you a person of true worth and understanding and a pleasure for anyone who comes across your path.
Light of knowledge, justice, awareness, compassionate, creative, healing, assured, artist, equalizer, calmness, determination.

7. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of seven[7]. This can be time of decision making in nearly all aspects of your life. This is a time of clearing the old ready for the new. You may have the feeling of confusion around you at times, but this usually comes before you start moving on your plans, and what you really want out of life. There maybe a need to consider some form of study, to improve the curious side of your nature and, to balance out the restless feelings inside of you.
Change, clearing, confusion, curiosity, study, improvement, movement, new ideas, consideration, benefit, details.

8. The Given Temporary Name Vibration of eight[8]. Under this vibration, you may discover your true worth. Finances start to improve, and you ambitions in life start to reap rewards. You may find the mysteries of life attract you during this cycle, and on the whole life can improve dramatically through your own efforts. People in position of authority may also be watching what you do at this time, leading to some form of promotion. Your energy maybe driving you to succeed, and there is every chance that you will, through your own endeavors.
Improvement, ambition, mysteries, attraction, dramatic, promotion, willingness, success, endeavors, trade, exchange.

9. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of nine [9]. The search for the hidden secrets of life may attract you during this cycle. You may have an inner-urge to discover how you tick. ‘Is there more to life than what I see?’ can be the inquiring question of your subconscious, coming to the surface, where you seek knowledge. This is a time of closures, where you may feel as if you have completed a long and tiresome journey. The beauty of nature may create interest with you, and perhaps you may be seeing life from a different perspective.
Nature, beauty, tranquility, happiness, completions, sub-conscious, difference, tiredness, journeys, inner-peace

11. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of eleven [11]. Is to seek what you really want out of life. To change the things that no longer suit your purposes. Trade and negotiation could hold some keys to these changes. You may find at times, that there is a lull around you, and that your mind keeps ticking over to the past. This is a time of straightening out those concerns that have been troubling you. Starting afresh may sound exciting to you under this vibration.
Stillness, change, order, keys, past, excitement, trouble-shooting, enjoyment, turbulence, trade, formats, freshness.

22. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of twenty-two.[22] Have you ever done anything unusual? Under this vibration you may feel the need to get in touch with your inner-child. You may feel drained, and in need of a little break in your life. Something different. Your individual side shines through under this vibration, and the unusual and unexpected attracts you. This is a time of discovering yourself, and your relationships again. A time of rebirth, and new awakenings.
Unusual, unexpected, relationships, awakenings, newness, inner-child, harmony, caring, renewal, rebirth, balance.

33. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of thirty-three [33]. Life can get on top of you under this vibration, perhaps it is time to take a little more care of yourself. Truth doesn’t hurt, is only when we don’t want to face up to it, that it may cause some concern within ourselves. This can be a extremely rewarding time in your life, where all the illusion have come back into reality. Welcome back.
Welcoming, gatherings, alert, truth, reality, wake-up, journeys, rewards, release, depth, announcements, recall, clarity.

44. The Temporary Given Name Vibration of forty-four [44]. There is opportunity in the strangest of situations, under this vibration. This time can develop into the most unexpected time in your life. Everything seems to be going right. Yet you may have some doubt, because of past influences. This is a time of good luck in your life, and a time to accept, that life can go your way, without having to pay the piper.
Unexpected, luck, gravity, excitement, my way, disbelief, gratitude, humble, awe inspiring, creation, belief.


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