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Psychic Movie - The Gift

The story in The Gift revolves around Annie, played by Cate Blanchett, who got involved in a

slaying case. To be able to know more about the crime, she used her psychic abilities or also

known as the extrasensory perception.


Annie lives in Georgia as a fortune teller, who uses psychic abilities to foretell the future. One

day, one of her neighbors, named Jessica King who was portrayed by Katie Holmes,

disappeared. She was the fiancée of a school educator, Wayne Collins who was portrayed by

Greg Kinnear. Annie had a vision about Jessica's death and her body being thrown in a pond.

She immediately called the police, particularly the sheriff named Pearl Johnson, who was

played by J.K. Simmons, to inform them of what happened to Jessica. Though he was a bit

doubtful of, he still agreed to search the pond near the estate of Donnie Barksdale, portrayed

by Keanu Reeves, who was the vehement and wild husband of one of Annie's clients named

Valerie, portrayed by Hilary Swank. They told Valerie of what Annie had seen in her vision and

allowed the police to search the premises while her husband was away. Donnie returned home

while the police are still searching, then when the police force found the dead body of Jessica in

the pond; they immediately arrested Donnie for the murder case.


It was revealed that Jessica and Donnie had an intimate relationship. This fact strengthened the

case, with Annie standing by the law and her vision and Donnie was immediately jailed for

killing Jessica.


Annie has a friend called Buddy Cole who was portrayed by Giovanni Rabisi. He tried opening

up and telling Annie that he was very angry at his father but she did not listen as she was

distracted with another matter. Buddy was sexually abused by his father when he was young,

resulting for the great anger that he feels and that eventually lead him into killing his father by

tying him on a chair and setting him on fire. Buddy's mother called Annie to let her know of

what happened and Buddy was brought to a mental asylum.


After a while, Annie sees another vision with her psychic capabilities and sees that Donnie was

innocent. She told prosecutor David Duncan about her vision and asked him to reopen the case,

and when he declined, Annie threatened him that she will expose the sexual relationship

between him and Jessica as she had seen it herself. David tried to bribe her to keep quiet but

she didn't accept it because she only wants justice for Donnie Barksdale.


What Annie did was to go to Jessica's fiancée to tell him that Donnie was actually innocent and

that she wants the case to be reopened but the prosecutor would not let it happen. Collins

asked Annie to go out for a drive to the pond with him, and then she sees another vision telling

her that it was actually Collins who murdered Jessica. Collins confessed to Annie that he

murdered his fiancée because he got so angry when he found out that she was cheating on

him. He also tried to kill Annie by hitting her with a flashlight on her head because he knows

that she will tell the truth to the police. Then, Buddy turns out of nowhere and knocks Collins

out and they put his unconscious body in the back of Annie's car.


Annie's head was like a waterfall of blood, and to stop the bleeding, Buddy gave the

handkerchief that she lent to him earlier. She asked him to go back to the mental asylum as she

thinks that he just escaped out of it, and then went inside the police station to tell Sheriff

Johnson about Collins. The police officers went to her car; she notices that Buddy had

disappeared. She told Sheriff Johnson want occurred at the pond and he told her that it was

impossible that Buddy helped her out to escape as he killed himself earlier that day in the

mental asylum. Annie got confused as she was still using the handkerchief that Buddy handed

her out.


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