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Psychic Movie - The Fury

The Fury is an American supernatural film released on March 10, 1978. The movie was based on

a novel with the same name.


A former CIA agent Peter Sandza, portrayed by Kirk Douglas, searches for his lost son named

Robin, who he believes was abducted by a branch in CIA, known as PSI, who was headed by his

former friend, Ben Childress who was played by John Cassavetes.


PSI was known to kidnapping psychics with special abilities to turn them into weapons for the

USA. To be able to push their goal, the organization murders all the family members of the

psychic. To be able to get Robin, Ben needed to get the trust of both the father and the son. He

proceeded to get the child, telling him that his father was obliterated by the Muslim terrorists

and that he needed to come with him, he was able to get Robin, played by Andrew Stevens, but

he wasn't aware that he wasn't able to kill Peter. Childress experiments with Robin's psychic

abilities and develops him so could control his power while they are also controlling him.


A teenager called Gillian Bellaver, portrayed by Amy Irving, has psychic abilities which include

extra-sensory perceptions and telekinesis, though she couldn't control her abilities, most

effectively when someone dares to harm her. She decided to enroll in the Paragon Institute,

where Robin also attended, and Dr. James McKeever, the director of the school who was

portrayed by Charles Durning, works for Ben Childress. While in training, it was discovered that

she has inexplicable psychic abilities and upon acquiring information about Gillian, Childress

plans her kidnapping and the murdering of her family.


Peter heard about Gillian with the help of his girlfriend Hester, portrayed by Carrie Snodgress.

They tried to help her get out but unfortunately, Hester dies while they do so. Peter and Gillian

trailed Robin in Chicago, where he had turned insane because of the remorseless experiments

that were done to him. He now enjoys torturing and killing people like his previous teacher who

seduced him so they could perform the experiment on him. And he also thinks that his father

was in on the tests as well, so he plans to kill him too. Peter and Robin were talking in a

bedroom when they were thrown out of the window and fall to their deaths.


Robin contacted Gillian and transferred his psychic abilities to her, and warned her of what

Childress might do to her when she comes with him. He asked her to avenge him and his father.

Childress still contacts and persuades Gillian to come with him and he will try to help her. She

knows what he was trying to do so she encompassed her psychic abilities and avenged Robin's

and Peter's death.


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