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Psychic Movie - The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is an American horror film that was shown on October 21, 1983. The director of

this film is David Cronenberg and the story was taken from a Stephen King masterpiece,

rewritten by Jeffrey Boam, for the screenplay of the movie. The film is basically about a teacher,

Johnny Smith who was portrayed by Christopher Walken, who got woken up from a coma and

finds out that he has psychic abilities.


The story takes place in a town named Castle Rock in Maine, where Johnny Smith is a youthful

school educator. He is in love with a co-teacher named Sarah Bracknell, who was portrayed by

Brooke Adams.


Johnny got involved in a car accident as he was driving home during a stormy weather. That

accident left him in a comatose state. When he has awaken, he was informed that it had been

five years since the accident and that Sarah has been married and now has a child. He was

being monitored by Dr. Sam Weizak, who was played by Herbert Lom.


Johnny discovers his psychic ability to know a person's secret by touching them, whether it is in

the past, present or future. He touched a nurse's hand and sees that her daughter got trapped

in a fire, the mother of Dr. Weizak, who was thought to be dead, is still alive and that one

reporter's sister took away her life.


The news about his psychic capabilities has spread faster than he had imagined. He was visited

by a sheriff, played by Tom Skerritt, who asked for help with cases of murder. He declines at

first as he wants to be at peace, but eventually agreed to help out. He had a vision that the

sheriff's deputy was actually the killer but before they can even arrest him, he kills himself. The

man's mother had shot Johnny and the former was killed by the sheriff.


Having lost hope, Johnny could now hardly walk. He moves out of the town and starts a simpler

and quieter life where he tutored children in his home. One day, a wealthy guy called Roger

Stuart, portrayed by Anthony Zerbe, invited him to visit his son. They became close and upon

touching the boy, named Chris, he sees a vision of him drowning and falling through ice on the

way to a hockey game. Johnny told Stuart not to let his son go to the game but he shrugs him

off. Though Chris believed him and opted to stay at home. They have heard that two boys lost

their lives during the trip and Johnny had realized that he has a so-called dead zone, where he

can alter the future.


Then one day, Johnny decided to go to a rally for a US presidential candidate, Greg Stillson.

They shake hands and he sees a vision that he will win the presidency and will cause a nuclear

strike opposing Russia that will cause a nuclear holocaust. He talked to Dr. Weizak and asked for

an advice about he saw, upon their talk, he came to a conclusion that he had no choice but to

kill Stillson. He wrote a letter for Sarah, revealing what he is about to do, that this was his

choice and it is a sacrifice worth taking. He loads a rifle and took a shot at Stillson but it missed.

Upon hearing the gunshot, Stillson took Sarah's baby and makes it his human shield. A

photographer took a picture of the act and then Johnny was shot by one of the body guards.

Dying, he held the hand of Stillson and saw that the future changed for him and that he will

shoot himself. Johnny died on Sarah's arms as she tells him that she loves him.


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