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Psychic Movie - Premonition

This is an American supernatural motion picture and it was directed by Mennan Yapo.

Husband and wife, Jim and Linda Hanson, portrayed by Julian McMahon and Sandra Bullock

respectively, got a new house to live in with their daughters named Megan, played by Shyann

McClure and Bridgette, played by Courtney Taylor Burness. Linda was left with their two

daughters while Jim went out for a business trip.


Jim and Linda's relationship was not doing well; the latter received a voice message from her

husband telling her that he meant what he had said to her last night and he assures her of his

sincerity. Just then the doorbell rings, and Sheriff Reilly, portrayed by Marc Macaulay, and

informs her of her husband's car crash causing him death. Linda was devastated that she had to

tell the girls that their daddy was not going to go home. Linda's mother, Joanne who was played

by Kate Nelligan, came over and volunteered to take care of the children while she suggests

that Linda should start working on the funeral arrangements. As much as it hurts her, she

wasn't ready just yet. She took a nap on the couch but woke up on their bed tucked in with

blankets. She got confused so she stood up and checks the house, she saw her husband at the

kitchen counter watching TV while drinking his coffee. Linda was appalled.


Still in shock, Linda sent her daughters to school and while driving, she suddenly stopped

causing the drivers behind her to get mad. Sheriff Reilly, the same sheriff who knocked on her

door and told her the news about her husband's car crash, told her to be more careful in

driving. She thinks that the sheriff is acting very weird as if he never visited their home

yesterday. Linda came home to do her house chores normally, and noticed the rainbow

sweater. The day ended with the whole family having dinner together. Linda wakes up the next

day to see an empty bottle of lithium and the label says that the pills were prescribed by Dr.

Norman Roth. While she was making her way downstairs, she notices that the mirrors were

covered with sheets. She sees Annie, her friend and assured her that the girls were doing fine

outside. When she came over to them, she saw Bridgette having bruises and gashed all over her

body, but Megan tells her that Bridgette looks perfectly fine and doesn't see anything on her



Later, Dr. Norman Roth, portrayed by Peter Stormare, came at the funeral along with his

assistants and Sheriff Reilly. Joanne thinks Linda needs help and she suddenly woke up on her

bed again and she hears Jim in the shower. While the family was having breakfast, Linda was

glad that Bridgette doesn't have scars all over. After she had sent the kids to school, she went

to Dr. Roth's clinic, though he didn't recognize her at all, she told him that she sees his husband

alive and then dead and then alive again. After their talk, he gave and prescribed lithium.

When she returned home, she saw Bridgette running for the glass door; she doesn't see that

the door is closed. Linda told her to stop but she continued and smashed the glass with her

body and hurt her face and arms. They immediately went to the emergency room and her

husband follows.


She suddenly realizes she has been experiencing chronology of what happened in the past

week. But that she hasn't gone through Friday yet, and Saturday would be the funeral. She talks

to Jim, and told him not to go to the business trip. She begged for him to just stay at home but

Jim tell her that he can't and Linda just told him to wake her up before he leaves in the



Linda woke up on the couch, and told Annie what is happening and that maybe it was meant to

be this way. She contacted the insurance agent, and was informed that Jim tripled his life

insurance on the morning of the accident and then she makes the arrangements.

It is Sunday and Linda went to the church after bringing the kids to school. She talked to a priest

named Father Kennedy, who was portrayed by Jude Ciccolella, and told him that she's

frightened of what's happening. He showed her a book that contains the same incidents as

what she experiences that happened a long time ago. He told her to have faith.

Linda went to the location of the accident and she can see visuals and images of her family. She

went home and asked her family to show and be more affectionate with each other. Jim thinks

it was weird so he asks her if she's okay. She told him that she had a dream that he would die,

he comforts her.


The movie ended with Jim still dying as Linda wasn't able to stop his death.


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