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Psychic Movie - Over Her Dead Body

This is a sci-fi/comedy/drama movie that stars Paul Rudd, Eva Longoria, Lindsey Sloane, Jason

Biggs and Lake Bell. It was released on February 1, 2008.


Kate, portrayed by Eva Longoria, is Henry's fiancée, and they were very happy together. Henry,

played by Paul Rudd, arranged a proposal and they are planning to get married soon.

Everything was ready until the day of the wedding came. Unfortunately, Kate was unexpectedly

killed by one of the ice sculptures by the irresponsible actions of an ice sculptor, portrayed by

Stephen Root. After she died, Kate did not know that she was already dead and woke up in

Purgatory. She argues with an angel who wasn't able to tell her what she must do in order to

move on.


After one year, Henry was still unable to move on with Kate's death. So his sister Chloe,

portrayed by Lindsey Sloane, thinks that it would be best for Henry to find closure if he would

just talk to Ashley, a psychic who is also a business woman who manages and offers catering

services along with her best friend Dan, portrayed by Jason Biggs, who happens to be gay. Their

first meeting was a failure, and for a better second attempt, Chloe gave Ashley the diary of

Kate, so that she could help Henry to move on by pretending that she can talk and

communicate with Kate. This is the beginning of a new love story, between Ashley and Henry,

and Kate was very much against the idea of them being together, so she screamed out her

frustration. Ashley heard her, but doesn't know what it meant.

Kate was very displeased with the Kate's deceiving but she has no idea of she should do. She

then bumps into the ice sculptor who also happens to be a spirit; he had died because of a car

accident. He told her that in order for them to move on and to be able to rest in peace; they

must carry on an unfinished business. After hearing this, Kate thinks that her role is to protect

and defend Henry; she decides to sabotage the budding relationship and harass Ashley. Ashley

can see her because she has psychic abilities which means she can see, hear and talk to her. She

tries to break them up but Ashley was enduring her; eventually, Henry found out that she

deceived him and breaks the relationship himself. The break up broke Ashley into pieces and

had to turn to Dan, who apparently was not really gay but he wanted her and has been in love

with her the whole time that they were friends. They eventually patched up.

Henry was devastated and Kate could not bear seeing him that way, she saw the ghost of the

ice sculptor again and he asks her what she truly wants. She says that she only wants Henry to

be genuinely happy. And then it hit her, that Henry could really be happy with Ashley. She tried

to talk it out with Ashley, and convinces her to get back with Henry but Ashley thinks that it is

impossible for her to be this way, or maybe she's doing it to ruin another thing. She prepares

for her flight to Las Vegas with Dan. Kate gets a little desperate to fix the situation but found

out that she could communicate with Henry through his pet, a parrot. She told him to meet up

with Ashley at the airport as she was bound to leave the city with Dan. They got back together

and decided to get married. Ashley talks to Kate at the back before walking down on the aisle,

telling her that she will take good care of Henry. Kate comes back to the Purgatory where he

was congratulated by the angels for a job well done.


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