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Psychic Movie - Minority Report

Minority report is a science fiction movie directed by Steven Spielberg and was based on Philip

Dick's short story. It is known to set in the year 2054, where a specially trained police agency,

called PreCrime, arrests and seizes criminals based on knowledge that they could foresee. They

have three psychics in the team, referred to as the Precogs, who feeds them with the forecasts

of crime-related events. John Anderton, played by Tom Cruise, is the chief of PreCrime. He's

being aided by; Danny Witwer, wo was played by Colin Farrell, who is an agent of the

department of justice; Agatha, the senior precog played by Samantha Morton; and Lamar

Burgess as John Anderton's senior wha was portrayed by Max von Sydow.


This movie would be one of the top-rated and reviewed films in 2002 and accepted a lot of

commendations, praise and criticism for its theme, visuals and plot. It gained an Academy

Award for the best science fiction movie, and best writing and direction.


In the year 2054, PreCrime agents block crimes, such as murder, before they even happen, with

the help of three people with psychic abilities. They can foresee and predict the future allowing

them to establish a murder rate of zero percent.


John Anderton had been hooked to drugs ever since he had lost his son, named Sean, and

following his separation from his wife called Lara. The psychics got a foretelling that in thirty six

hours, Anderton would execute a man named Leo Crowe. Anderton takes flight as the precogs

sets a manhunt. He went to the maker of Prime Technology, named Dr. Iris Hineman, and

sought advice. She revealed that sometimes, Agatha foresees a different route for the future

but they do not follow as they consider and call it a ''minority report'' and this might hurt the

reputation and credibility of the system.


Eager to prove his innocence, Anderton had an eye transplant to deflect the nationwide optical

recognition system. He kidnapped the psychic, Agatha, and brought her to a hacker to extract

the minority report about Leo Crowe. They went to a hotel room where Crowe stays and a lot

of photos of children, including his son, Sean, and incriminated that he is a serial killer who

preys on children and he is now ready to kill him. Agatha told him that he has a choice of

changing his future as he is aware of what is going to happen. But Crowe wanted to be killed

and so he shoots himself with Anderton's gun.


To take refuge, Anderton decided to go to Lara's house, his ex-wife. Anderton thinks that he

was being framed and targeted because he is knowledgeable about Lively's murder. Lively was

Agatha's mother who was an addict. She sold her daughter to PreCrime but eventually wanted

her back. She was murdered. Witwer, also realizes that Anderton was being framed. He knows

that Lively was attempted to be murdered twice, once was prevented by the precogs psychic

abilities to foresee and the other was successful as it was done minutes just after the first

attempt of killing her. He reported it to the Lamar Burgess and he killed him with Anderton's



Anderton was caught by the police because Lara called Burgess and told him that they were

together. While Agatha was being reconnected to the system, it was revealed that Burgess was

actually the murdered of her mother, just after Lara freed Anderton to show a video footage of

Burgess killing Lively. Burgess defends himself and stated that he only murdered Lively because

he could not afford to lose Agatha as they need her as one of the psychics and the system

would be changed.


Anderton tells Burgess his biggest problem as of the moment, he tells him that if he kills him,

Burgess goes to jail but the forecast of PreCrime would be corroborated, but if he lets him live,

then PreCrime will have to shut down for false forecasts. He also tells him that the system's

flaw is simple; that it would be useless when the people knew their future. Burgess then shoots

himself. In the end, the organization was closed and all the prisoners that they caught before

doing a crime were released but still under surveillance. Anderton got back with his wife, and

they are expecting a new child and the psychics were left in peace.


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