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Psychic Movie - Hereafter

This is an American film that was directed and co-produced by Clint Eastwood. It was produced

by Steven Spielberg and was written by Peter Morgan. It was released on October 22, 2010.


The French journalist/reporter, Marie Lelay who was portrayed by Cecile de France, is on an

assignment in Thailand. She was shopping for souvenirs and found a stall owned by a woman

who sells along with her daughter. When Marie looks back, she saw a huge tsunami heading

over to their location, and tried to grab the girl's hand to run far away from the shore but it was

too late. They were washed up and were found lifeless, the rescuers tried to resuscitate her but

it was no use. She came back to life after a near-death experience and seeing a visual of human

figures going into the light, and she saw both the mother and the daughter vendor, hands held

by each other. She was reunited with her lover, Didier who was played by Thierry Nuvic, who

was also her producer. He asked her to take a break and just write a book that they were

planning to launch as the disaster traumatized her.


Meanwhile in San Francisco, George Lonegan, a former psychic who is also a medium and can

communicate with dead spirits. He was swayed to read a guy named Christos, played by

Richard Kind, who was a wealthy guest of his brother, Billy, portrayed by Jay Mohr. The reason

why George left the life of being a psychic medium was because he couldn't handle the

emotional distress that he gets from his clients' personal life and secrets. They proceeded with

the reading, then George heard the word June, he asked Christos if it meant anything to him

but he denies. Later, he confesses to Billy that June was the person he has been in love with for

the longest of time, but she was also his late wife's nurse.


In London, there lived 12-year old twins named Marcus and Jason, portrayed by George and

Frankie McLaren. They prevent themselves to be given away to the social services because their

mother is a heroin addict and alcoholic named Jackie, who was portrayed by Lyndsey Marshall.

She tried to be sober for her boys and sent Jason to the pharmacy to get the detox prescription

for her so she can finally sober up. While heading home, Jason was assaulted by street goons,

he tried to run but was hit by a van and died. Marcus feels like he cannot help his mother

anymore with his twin brother gone, he was sent to a foster home.


Marcus got desperate to see and talk to Jason for the last time; he stole money from his foster

parents and looked for a person in London who could help him contact Jason. While at the train

station, the cap that once belonged to Jason got blown off his head and missed the train. A few

seconds later, it explodes in front of him.


Back to San Francisco, George enrolled himself in a cooking class and got paired up with a

woman named Melanie. They went at George's place to try of their cooking skill and they got

an untimed phone call which forced George to reveal that he is a former psychic and he has

special abilities like talking to dead people. Melanie wanted a reading and they contacted her

father, who asked for forgiveness for what he had done to her when she was young. Melanie

got up and left George's home and she never went back to the cooking class.


Marie was talking to a publisher for her book before her trip to Thailand. He rejected the

manuscript but suggested other publishers that might be interested with her book. She also got

word that her lover, Didier, was never going to take her back where she filed a leave from

because of the things that she wrote on the book that she is working on. He thinks that it had

ruined her good reputation of being a good journalist. She also knew of his affair with the new

woman who replaced her.


George lost his job and left San Francisco; he went to London to start anew and listens to the

work of Charles Dickens and Derek Jacobi. He went and attended the London Book Fair, where

Marie is presenting her book, Hereafter. She handed a copy to George and when their hands

touch, he saw a vision with his psychic ability that shows Marie drowning in a tsunami.

Incidentally, Marcus was also at the book fair, along with his parents. He got a glimpse of

George, whom he has known online, and asked him to do a reading for him. George declines

and went back to his hotel room. Marcus stayed outside his door and George eventually agreed

to do a reading.


Jason and Marcus were able to talk, the former told the latter to stop wearing his cap and that

it was him who had blown it off the train station as warning but he thinks Marcus should be

responsible for his actions. Jason also tells Marcus that he should not be scared for they are

one. Marcus visited their mother who was getting better in a rehabilitation center.

Marcus informed George about the location of Marie; he went and left a note saying that he

believes that her book is real and true. They decided to have lunch together and George sees a

vision of them kissing. They walked out holding each other's hands.


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