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Psychic Movie - E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. was written by Melissa Mathison and was based on the imaginary friend of Steven Spielberg whom he made after the separation and divorce of his parents. This movie is an American sci-fi film that was both directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg. It was released on June 11, 1982.

A spacecraft has landed in a forest in California, where alien botanists gather flora samples. When there were police officers and government agents at the location, the aliens flew out in a hurry as to not get caught. They are not aware that they left one of them behind.

Elliot, portrayed by Henry Thomas, was getting pizza for him and his friends when he sees and notices something hiding in the tool shed. When the alien thinks that he got discovered, he fled and run away. Elliot thought of luring the alien back into their house with pieces of candies. He noticed that the alien is imitating his actions, and didn’t go to school the next day just so he could play with it. In the afternoon, Michael, Robert MacNoughton, and Gertie, Drew Barrymore, went to Elliot’s house to meet the alien. They all agreed not to tell Mary, portrayed by Dee Wallace, their mother, about the extra-terrestrial being. They asked him where he came from and made the balls hover over the air as if to symbolize the solar system, and he also showed a special ability of giving back life to a dead flower.

The next day, when Elliot went to school, he suddenly feels inebriated caused by the alien at his home who was drinking beer. He realizes that they were psychically connected as he feels how he feels. The alien was watching the television when he saw a kissing scene, then in school, Elliot kissed the girl that he likes, and the same way as the man kissed the woman in the show. He got into trouble and was sent to the principal’s office.

They named it E.T. and eventually learned how to speak English by copying what Gertie does while watching Sesame Street. They have seen a comic strip where they see how the protagonist invents an improvised device, so decided to make a device that could help E.T. contact his home. Michael then notices that the health of E.T. is worsening and deteriorating.

On Halloween, to be unnoticeable by people, they dress E.T. as a ghost so he can stealthily go out of the house. They rode Elliot’s bike and then they were able to contact E.T.’s home. Elliot woke up the next day, only to find out that E.T. was gone. Michael looked for E.T. and found him near a drainpipe. Michael brought him home to be with Elliot. Mary was appalled when she saw that the alien and her son are experiencing the same condition. Just then, government representatives came into their house, and setup a hospital at home. While being treated, their link vanishes and E.T. dies, while Elliot recuperates. E.T. got back to life and told Elliot that they are coming back for him. Elliot and Michael stole a van to help E.T. escape but they started out a police chase, then they decided to just use Elliot’s bicycle and use E.T.’s telekinesis just like what they did before.

When it was time to leave, E.T. bids goodbye to Michael and Gertie and they gave him the flower that he revived as a present. He tells Elliot that he’ll be he ‘’here’’, as he points his finger on Elliot’s forehead. E.T. hops on the ship, with the flower in hand and leaves a rainbow in the sky.


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