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Instructions for Reading Tarot Cards

Reading Tarot CardsAlthough you may start reading the tarot cards according to the popular instructions contained in the guidebooks, ultimately you have to develop your own instinct for reading them correctly.

The truth is that there are no hard and fast, cast- in- stone instructions for reading tarot cards. As you grow in experience you may add more instructions or modify the ones you are already following.

The beauty of the tarot lies in allowing the development of individual instinct for reading and interpreting the tarot cards. And this is as it should be because every situation is unique and requires a unique approach to resolve it.

Here are some broad instructions for reading the tarot cards:

  • Clean the area where you intend to read the tarot cards. Clear away all the clutter lying around. You may burn incense or the candles. You may also use crystals if you like.
  • Now sit silently. Calm yourself and meditate for a few moments. Concentrate on you spirit guide or angel for inspiration. You may speak out an invocation or do a smudging ceremony. This step is, however, optional.
  • Place a piece of cloth to put the cards on while you read them. The cloth will protect the deck from external energies emanating from the table or other surface if it is used for any activity other than reading the tarot.
  • Clarify the question that is being asked. Frame it in a simple and understandable language. You may also keep a journal for this purpose and write down the questions and also the results of your reading.
  • You may also perform some ritual if any you like. For example, you may walk in circle thrice around the cards to prevent any negative energy intruding into the area. Alternately, you may draw an imaginary circle with your fingers for the same purpose.
  • You may shuffle the cards and cut them yourself, or, ask your subject to do so. Some people consider their cards sacred and do not allow others to touch them. There are others who insist upon the questioner to cut them so that his energy flows into the deck. This will help the reader to make more accurate interpretation.

Now you may start reading the meanings of the cards. The more you read them the more sensitive and intuitive you become in interpreting them correctly. Do not be afraid to follow your instincts.


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