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Psychic Healing

Intuition is the single most powerful tool that the psychics use to probe into the health problems of their client-subjects. Of course, there are other important tools too like going into trance, using tarot cards, crystal balls, palmistry, astrology and so on. But all these tools work successfully when the psychics use their intuition proving thereby that the intuition is the prime mover of all the psychic tools.

Intuition for diagnosis and healing

Even the experienced doctors claim that they use intuition when their intellect nearly fails to arrive at the conclusive diagnosis after studying the detailed laboratory tests. Intuition is a potent form of inner wisdom which has nothing to do with rational mind. Accessible to all, intuition is a still and small voice inside our hearts. It is an unfailing and unflinching soothsayer committed to our well being. It quite often manifests itself like a flash of light, a gut feeling, a hunch, a physical sensation or a dream. With the trained and experienced psychics, the intuitive faculty remains, as it were, at their beck and call. It at once surfaces up at the sight of the ailing client. It tells what is out of sync with him/her. A psychic directly points his finger at the ailing spot. Not only do the psychics diagnose the problem, they even suggest curative measures if the malady is psychic. They go into trance and communicate with the spirits to find out the remedies.

Healing Touch

Every one of us possesses the power of healing touch. A kindly and warm pat or a handshake is immensely reassuring and morale boosting. Mothers rub the backs of their babies and they fall into peaceful slumber. Nurses stroke the infants and they go to rest. The sisters in the Mother Teresa’s missionaries of charity hold the dying and they blissfully pass away from their agonizing travails.

Compared with an ordinary person, a psychic’s body permeates with divine energy at a higher level. He has awakened or realized the healing energy that flows through his hands into the body of the ailing client. Reiki masters are popular practitioners of such energy.

Sister Justice Smith believes that the hands of a psychic healer can increase the activity of enzymes. According to Quantum theory of Physics, although the matter may appear static, it exists in a dynamic field and that the matter and the nature are indivisible. There is a universal force whose constituent atoms cannot be viewed through the microscopes and measuring devices that are used in medical laboratories. This vital force can heal an ailing person. This theory works on the premise that our mind and body are inseparable. It is one with the entire universe. We are all part of the same energy which flows where the attention goes. The same energy appears in form of aura or a luminous sphere in and around the human body. Psychics can connect with this universal energy appearing in various forms and tap it for healing the sick persons.

Psychic healing through trance

Psychics use their strong focus and intent to go into trance or send others into trance. Once in a state of trance the psychics call upon the universal force to assist them in healing. This force can be called by any name, divine energy, God, unconditional love and so on. With this energy flowing through their hands, the psychics place them on the ailing spot. The patients experience this healing energy in different ways. Some have a tingling sensation, while others feel the touch transmitting relaxing warmth. Some times it is a cool feeling while at others it may feel like soft and soothing waft of breeze. This invisible energy provides healing not only at mental level but at physical level also.

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