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Psychic Halo

A psychic halo is a ring or circle of radiant light, which in art crowns the head of deities, holy beings, and saints.

It represents the aura or crown chakra, which is prominent in a person of high spiritual development.

Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, and Romans used the halo art to depict supernatural force, mystical states, and superior intellect. In ancient Egypt and Greece, the Halo was associated with the sun and resurrection.

In Christian Art, the Halo graces saints, angels, Christ, Mary, and other Holy persons.

In the Eleusinian Mysteries, it was bestowed upon the sacrificed and reborn god, usually Dionysus.

Eastern Deities usually are depicted with a crown or headdress rather than halos. Psychics and clairvoyants see the aura appear as a halo or nimbus around the body and is most easily visible around the head. Someone with psychic abilities can often see these halo's as either white light or coloured lights.

It should, however, be noted that the  representation of halo or the circle of light  as an art form may have been inspired by the experiences or narrations  of the psychics or spiritually realized people. The term psychic halo, in fact, needs to be redefined and explained in this perspective.

Halo is an  actual and real-not just imagined by the artists and painters--  energy field, corona, a circle of pure white light or spiritual radiance around the heads of spiritually elevated people who have acquired a venerable status. Halo can be seen by the psychics or mystics with their mind’s eyes.

Halo and aura

The energy radiance released by divine personalities is usually called halo; but the one given out by common people is called aura. Both are basically the psychic energies, but while halo represents higher nobler nature and is made of pure, well-defined and brighter radiance, aura released by the common people may be a little hazy, blurred, grimy and dimmer.

When strong personalities-whether saints or sinners-release  energy vibrations, they are felt-experienced- palpably by almost all the people, of course, with varying degrees of clarity.

The halo released by saintly people evokes a sense of awe, peace, serenity, purity, joy, bliss and a sense of deep reverence among the people depending on their mental state at that point of time. Most people feel irresistibly drawn towards them.

The aura emanating from the strongly negative people obviously generates corresponding feelings of fear, hatred, repugnance and revulsion. Most people, in this case, feel like running away from them.

How about reading the aura of the common people?

Most common people, however, are simply not strong enough to generate any palpable energy vibrations that can be easily experienced by those around them. In other words, their aura is too weak or too subtle to cast any identifiable impact on their peers.

But a question arises as to why common people should bother about the auras of the people like them. The answer to this is that normally the common people interact, relate or socialize among themselves. They feel overawed by the saints and overwhelmed by the sinners and, therefore, wish to maintain some sort of comfortable distance from both. Common people feel secure in having love or business affairs only with each other.

 It is also natural that the social interactions among the common people may create a variety of problems and tensions involving love, hatred, jealousy, competition, adjustment, compatibility issues etc. There may also be other social problems in various areas, for example, health, relationships and general welfare. Some of these problems cannot be resolved through conventional wisdom and hence people seek the help and guidance of psychics.

One of the several approaches the psychics use to resolve their problems is to study and analyse the auras of the people involved. As mentioned earlier, the auras released by common people are generally very subtle or weak and can be envisioned only by the experienced psychics.

Psychics use their powers of clairvoyance, clairsentience, intuition or insight to differentiate various  colours or shades—or the  energy vibrations-  that combine to form an aura around the head as also the entire body of the person  and are supposed to represent  various traits of  their nature.

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