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As questions are the lock to life, answers are the key to life, and in my search for answers as to how the spirit world works it lead me to a distant land called England, where for a number of years I studied the art of Mediumship and how it is unique to its dealings with everyone.

Psychic Experiences and Spiritual Encounters

I have enjoyed dealing and blending with the spirit world all my life, and with this enjoyment I worked as a Medium and have been running workshops for more than 25 years. This has enabled me to travel internationally visiting exotic and exciting places. I have used my psychic mediumship abilities to help people in:

Thus spiritually has enabled me to understand how I work. With this understanding, the link between me and the spirit world have been greatly enhanced, which therefore helps me to psychically help more people.

And since the stars had already foretold a pathway to you, it would be my absolute joy and pleasure to be of assistance to you….

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