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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Balancing StonesFeng Shui is a Chinese system of evading bad luck and ushering in health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. The basic idea behind Feng Shui is that the place we live in should be in complete harmony with Nature and its environment, which constitutes primarily two elements of wind and water; this is what Feng Shui, literally translated means.

The source of the phrase Feng Shui is from the lines of a poem that describe the primary elements of Nature and its environment:

"The winds are wild,
The sun is warm,
The water is clear,
The trees are lush".

The reason why we face discomforts in life is that our place of living goes out of sync with these elements of Nature. Feng Shui, therefore, teaches us to arrange our place or the space in respect of wind and water so as to restore the right connection, harmony and balance with Nature.

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The rearrangement of the spatial elements of the place we live in is not basically aimed at its interior or exterior decoration as such. The beauty of Feng Shui spatial arrangement guidelines is such that once the Feng Shui recommendations are executed, the place itself turns out to be presentable, attractive, and stylish and also becomes incidentally compatible with the established decoration styles.

It may, however, be noted that it is not the person who is  in or out of harmony with the environment and therefore has a good or bad Feng Shui, but the place and its arrangement whose level of harmony or incongruity matters most.

The belief system behind the concept of Feng Shui is a blend of certain geographical, religious, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic, and astrological ideas that determine the Feng Shui guidelines of spatial arrangement. It is believed that Nature is a living organism that breathes a kind of life force or energy called qi. We should arrange our place of work or living to receive free and uninterrupted natural flow of qi and remove/ rectify obstruction if any that comes to disturb this flow in order to live happily.

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