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I have just over 20 years experience as a psychic, medium clairvoyant and Angel card reader.  I have been working on the psychic lines during the time but after a very difficult 10 years from being divorced I studied and learned Tarot and realised  I had a natural gift.  I am a 2nd generation psychic/medium; it was my Aunty who was a spiritualist medium where I feel I inherited my skills.
I am a relationship expert, but you have to want to receive the answers as I am an honest as well as empathic psychic. Empathic means you naturally feel energies from everyone and everything, even trees, animals and more. I can help with career advice, house moves and pets. I also do Angel Card Readings and my guides and I can validate things no one would know.
I believe my home has ghosts here or spirit as we call them.   I have hanging crystals everywhere plus a bit of a respect for witches and I have several "girls" as I call them in my home.  The hanging crystals sometimes turnaround of their own accord, and we hear taps, creeks, and I once heard very loud
in the middle of the night a "hello" which I answered thinking someone had entered my home but there was nobody there.

I am looking forward to helping many of you and I do have many returning customers from different countries. Let me help you find a better way forward and together we'll make the future brighter.Thank you and have a great day.
Brightest Blessings
Psychic Denise

Client Reviews for Psychic Denise

I was definitely guided to speak with Denise tonight. A truly kind and gifted psychic who has given me much guidance, encouragement and hope, as well as confirmation on several past and future issues I have been concerned about. The message from my grandfather at the end of our conversation has meant the world to me. Thank you so very much Denise. XO
~ Janette L., 06/08/2013

I just had a reading with Denise and wanted to share my positive feedback. Thank you Denise for a fabulous reading. In the short span of time, you were not only able to validate my past but also share so many insights on my future. It amazed me how accurate you were about my past and I'm excited about the possibilities you shared and will work on the spirit guidance you shared with me. Thank you for the clarity and generosity in your reading!
~ C K, from Melbourne

Hi! I just wanted to leave positive feedback for Denise I had a reading with her Tuesday night, she was spot on an accurate. He did call me 24 hours later like she said he would. Will be back for more with this lady.

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