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My Grandmother was a Walker "Walkers With Horses" these were Scottish Nomads from the North West Highlands also known as "The Summer Walkers" making a living on the road they spoke a secret "Cover Tongue". My Grandmother grew up around horses and I'm told delivered fruit & veg as a child to Buckingham palace as she was an "East ender"- its her fathers line (Walker) where I believe I inherit my gifts.

I have traveled all  over the U.K. doing face to face private consultations & have read for clients worldwide & a celebrity who I'm not at liberty to disclose due to confidentiality as well as being a psychic consultant in Costa coffee houses located in Glasgow & Edinburgh donating to the Costa foundation charities which helps provide schools for children in third world countries. I have also appeared regularly at Debenhams Store, Princes Street, Edinburgh to give consultations to staff and customers when they hold late night shopping events, Alton towers theme park & radio U.K & U.S.A.

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Catherine's Access Code: 00030


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