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Zodiac Signs = Love?

Is love really blind? People oftentimes read their horoscopes with the goal to understand more about their love lives. This is how your zodiac signs affect your compatibility with a person.

Since each zodiac sign has respective qualities, then the signs with more resemblances than dissimilarities have bigger chances of succeeding in love, obviously. Zodiac signs can determine how compatible a couple is through the aggressiveness of each sign. Though similarities have a big effect on relationships, the saying “opposites attract” still counts.

The positivity and negativity of each sign has to be balanced out in order for the coupledom to work. The positive and negative traits have to be considered when studying the compatibility of two individuals. A lot of charts have already been created for this purpose. Even if the person reading this is single, it will still be helpful, for she/he may find her perfect match through the twelve signs!

Arians are said to be trusting and unhesitating as children, but they also expect their demands to be met before others’. They are known as forceful and stubborn creatures though they are not as self-centred as they seem to be. Arians just have a hard time looking beyond their “worlds” and may be confrontational when provoked. They are vibrant and intelligent beings.

Cancer people are like volcanoes of emotions that may vary from being quiet and stable at one time and loud and boisterous the next time. Though their emotions may change regularly, attention is a thing that they do not shy away from. They love their families and will do anything to protect them.

Capricorn is different from the sun signs because they tend to shy away from the attention and just love watching from the outside. They are usually cautious and kept to an extent. Though they are wary of the things surrounding them, oftentimes, they get what they want and are really very ambitious. Capricorns are liberated, self-assured, and independent.

Those born under the zodiac sign Gemini are smart and clever but tend to become disordered and naïve one way or another. They’ve got the attention span of a child. Being introduced to new stuff is a need for them to keep them interested because they tire of things immediately. They’re what we call happy-go-lucky people. Sensitivity is one of their wonderful traits as they are easily affected by the suffering of others.

Leos love living in bravura and give in at once to their wants. Lions love to be the centre of attractions so they like to host parties and socialize with others. But, since they are used to this kind of living or thinking, more often than not, they demand the respect of other people and tend to control them. Their character is like that of a lion’s but they wound easily and are very susceptible to hurt.

Librans are the most balanced among the signs. They dislike the thought of being impolite so they bend the truth to make it less unpleasant and more acceptable. They personalities oppose each other in such a way that they love to bicker but can’t sleep when he/she is aware that a misunderstanding still isn’t cleared up.

Pisceans have at least one or a part of the characteristics of all the other signs. Their group is usually divided into two - those who go with the flow and those who fight against the current. Pisceans who go with the flow are dreamers while those who fight against the current often reach their goals and wants because they fight. They have the characteristics of fighters. They are sensitive and very emotive.

One of the fire signs is the Sagittarius and they have numerous constructive qualities. Sagittarians are blunt and innocent. They have a very positive outlook and love to have fun. Though they would adore praising you, they normally have a hard time at expressing themselves through words. Sagittarians have a tendency to say the wrong things when what they really want is to please you. Ergo, misunderstandings become a problem for them.

Looking at a scorpion, you will be automatically entranced by the look in his/her eyes. They will appear to be going deep into your soul and finding out your deepest darkest secrets/thoughts. Indeterminacy is a big no-no for Scorpions. There is no grey area for them. It’s either a black or a white. Their love is extreme but hatred of the same level is also possible for them.

The sign Taurus is represented by the bull because they have the tendency to be extremely hard-headed but they are good in controlling themselves and are commonly collected and peaceful. Their dogged sides only appear when anybody provokes them.

People born under the Virgo sign are one of the groups who don’t like being the centre of the attention. They almost never attend social parties. They are perfectionists and do not under any circumstance accept mistakes. They may seem collected but they can be just as nervous as the next person. Worrying is second nature to them.

What people immediately notice about Aquarians is that they are tremendously naturally welcoming. Almost everyone that surrounds them is considered a chum. They adore their sovereignty and are susceptible to mood swings. One minute they’re hot, and the next minute they’re cold. Aquarians don’t like being in a rut so systems may be a bit hard for them to follow.


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