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You Too Can Be A Psychic

Most great psychics are born with psychic abilities. They either inherit them from their parents and grandparents or carry them along as legacies from their previous birth/s, as an ongoing process in their evolution.

One thing is clear from both the situations: In case of inheritance of psychic abilities, it is quite certain that someone among the parents or grandparents must have made a beginning in learning psychics at some stage in their present or past lives. The same also holds true in case of people who carry forward the psychic abilities from the previous birth/s, i.e., they too might have made a beginning at some point of time in their previous incarnations.

You should not, therefore, feel dejected if you do not belong to either of these two categories of the ‘lucky’ people. You too can train to be a great psychic and inspire the same awe that you experience in their presence.

Try to foresee the future

We all have, at some time or the other, foretold an event which is going to take place. Sometimes, a door bell rings and some how you know who is going to be on the other side of the door. Take another instance. You are busy doing something and out of no where you think of a person. No sooner have you thought of him or her, the phone rings and it is the very person at the other end who wishes to talk to you. These kinds of foresights occur as a flash of lightening and not because you have some supernatural powers in your control. However, these incidents do give you an insight that there are special powers that reside inside you. They may be dormant or they may just come alive for a flash of a second. What is more important is that they are there and there are ways you can reach them and harness them for the greater good of your self and humanity at large.


Here is one simple exercise you can do. Take a pack of playing cards. Pull out one card and try to identify it without looking at its face. Do it several times and calculate the percentage of success.

There are several situations, wherein problems and questions crop us in the course of our daily life. Take them as psychic opportunities or challenges. Try to foretell them. They best way to do so is to compose your mind and concentrate on the question/problem/event/person.

Mistakes are bound to occur in the initial attempts. But don’t be disheartened. Continue with your efforts and gradually you will see light at the end of the tunnel.



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