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Working with Angels

Angels are emanations which come directly from the divine source. Angels will never become humans and contrary to a common belief system, human will never be angels.


What do angels look like?

Angels are bright beings, manifesting in a movement of light, a sense of surreal shimmering, flashes or patterns or brilliant colour.


Angels do not have feet as they are not bound to the ground by gravity as we are. The wings which are associated with angels indicate their ability to move swiftly to hover into our field of vision and out again and are our sense of the energy trail which they have. It is possible to get a physically tangible sense of their softness and protection as they enfold us.


What do angels do?

Angels are our guardian from the moment of birth to the moment of death. We are not used to acknowledging the presence of angels in our lives, yet they are always with us. It is not only when we are making major life decisions, taking risks or in peril, that our guardian angel is near but he hovers constantly around us as we perform all the mundane tasks of daily living.


When we sleep, Michael and his helpers, guardians of the night and bringers of dreams watch over us. They endeavor to ensure that our bodies and minds receive beneficial rest and sleep. They cleanse the air we breathe and renew our spirits.


When the sun rises and morning breaks, Uriel and his supporters help us to awaken. They nurture the fire energy within us so that we can be ready to use the day creatively, whatever it may bring.


At noon, Gabriel and his retinue replenish our hope. They activate the water element within us so that we can flow with life, digest our food and be in touch with our feelings without being overwhelmed by emotions.


As evening approaches Raphael and his angelic helpers bless our recreational activities and relaxation. They enhance our connection to the good things of earth and aid us in finding joy in incarnation. They will help us as we review the day we have lived, bring us comfort for life’s trials and healing for our bodies.


Angels are connected with earth, air, fire and water. Whenever you use the elements, angels will be present taking an active part.


Activities which help to bring angels closer to you


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