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Witches and psychics -- are they the same?

What is a psychic?


Basically, a psychic is a person who has the ability to gather and receive information about a certain person by using their ESP or the extrasensory perception. The extrasensory perception allows the psychic to see beyond the unseen and hear beyond the unheard. This ability also allows them to receive information about the future. Although, the knowledge and information that they see in their minds are not exactly and precisely as it would be in the future, all they see are blurred visions, images, symbols, signs, colors, numbers and words that they would have to decipher and understand before relaying to the person involved.


Legitimate and genuine psychics conduct psychic readings for the people who want to discern information and know more about themselves or what might happen in their futures as psychics have the ability to show or tell them. Psychic readings are also for people who are lost and confused and do not know what they will do with their lives or what their next step should be. Apparently, psychics are great advisers and counselors and they know just what to tell a person when they are undergoing rough changes and hard times in their lives.


What is a witch?


A witch is a person who casts spells and performs rituals either alone or by group. They use their energies to cast such incantations, curses and spells to incorporate it in a person, land or thing. People believe that they are powerful beings as they have special abilities and they are involved in using magic.


What is witchcraft?


This is basically the practice and the belief in the usage of magical abilities, talents and mastery. Often times, it is related to divination or medicinal purposes. The practices in which witchcraft is being used is believed to affect and influence one’s mind, body and belongings which opposes their will. It is also said that the origin of the malicious act of witchcraft is said to have blossomed from Christian projection.


Long ago, witches were accused of using their magical abilities for malicious acts such as spreading of unknown or vital diseases in humanity, illnesses for animals, sudden death, bad luck, inability to do things and various kinds of misfortunes, accidents, catastrophes and disasters. If not these bad things, witches were hired by the higher officials to seek and point the cause of the malicious acts or the evil doer himself.


They used to believe that there were white witches who uses witchcraft for the good and benefit of the people in their country or town. These white witches were known to have been following the ethical codes or rules of the country and weren’t performing any rituals, spells or divination unless they were requested to do so.


Some practices of witchcraft include:


1. Spell casting – this is when a witch casts a spell to certain person, place or thing that enables them to command them on what to do against their will or to fully control them and have them carry out actions. Spells could be a set of words, long verses, rituals or a combination of these that are going to be inscribed, bound, recited or performed by the witches to whomever or whatever it is that they wanted to magically control. Sometimes, it also comes out as herbs, amulets and potions to be taken in or held by a certain person.


2. Necromancy – this is known to be the practice in which the witch would call upon the dead from a magic ritual or divination purposes. This is illegal in so many ways as it is disrespectful to the owner of the body and to anyone who values human life.


3. Demonology – long ago, it has been known that sorcerers and witches were somehow associated into doing evil things and so they were accused of working together with demons and other evil entities.


Although, some things were not proven up until this day, many of us living in the present time still believe that witches are bad people, if ever they even do exist. Because in line with that, there are still many skeptics and critics who badmouths psychics and their abilities to foretell the future.


We could not blame some of the people for not actually believing in things that they could not see, hear and understand. It is just all about respect for one person’s belief and we will surely be okay to co-exist in this world,


What is the difference between psychic abilities and witchcraft?


Well, psychic abilities are probably inborn and natural to most of us and some of us just haven’t had the idea that we have such abilities within us and that we have to practice and meditate for long hours to let the skill or talent out.


It is relying on a person’s gut feeling or intuitive feeling about the sudden things that we encounter everyday. It is dreaming about your close aunt saying her goodbyes to the family and you find out that she died some time during the night when you woke up. It is seeing visions, images and symbols inside your mind that tells about the future and that no one else can see.


To the skeptical people, they will call it out as a coincidence when the prediction of a psychic reader comes true but to the people who believe, it is the natural power of the mind of the gifted people.


While witchcraft is believed to be a skill that could be learned and practiced by anyone who believes and gives their faith in it. It is believed to be a modern name for something that has been created and practiced long ago with various ancient traditions and rituals. Long ago, the witches dreamed of living in a world of peace and harmony, and to do so, they created spells, hexes, curses, chants and sorcery, so they would be able to tap within the unconscious mind.


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