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Why It Pays To Do Your Research, Before Getting a Reading

If you’re seeking guidance on a wide array of life issues, whether romance, career, health or family-related, you can choose to go visit a counselor or a priest/pastor.  You can also opt to seek guidance from a psychic, that's if you have no qualms in dealing with paranormal stuff. But before paying any psychic out there, remember that there are real psychics who are trained and seasoned  in communicating with spirits, or in predicting the future, as well as interpreting a Tarot card or rune reading.  There are also scam artists and crooks pretending to be psychics.  Here are  a number of reasons why it pays to do your research, before you start speaking to a psychic.

Be Suspicious of Improbable Assertions

Fake psychics are often notorious for making very unreasonable and unrealistic claims or assertions.  If someone promises you that he or she can give you the winning lottery ticket combinations for next week’s draw, or predicts that you’ll easily get the cutest girl in the office as your girlfriend by next week, then the guy’s a fraud.  If a certain psychic also tells you that you’re “cursed”, or “you’re going to die”, walk away and never pay the guy a single cent, because real psychics will never ever tell you this sort of terrible stuff. 

Beware of “Cold” Readings

Before agreeing to sit down with any psychic, you need to know more about “cold” readings.  A cold reading is when the person performing a reading pretends to know details about the subject’s life, by often saying or throwing out a general statement, and injecting a presumptuous air of confidence, to make the customer believe that the “psychic” knows something about them.  And once the scam artist keeps saying general statements to a person, the customer may slowly be fooled to believe that the fraudster is really telling the “truth”.  And if a psychic keeps on asking you to add more money, because they’re going to mix a magic spell or special charm for you, then chances are they're only interested in your money, and nothing else.

A genuine psychic would be more than happy to let their customers ask questions, or verify their backgrounds, before asking them to commit to pay for a reading. Before finding a psychic, make sure you are very clear about what you expect from them.  Also remember that no matter how gifted a psychic is, he or she will certainly have their “off” periods, where they won’t be able to see everything about you.


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