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Why is Lucid Dreaming or Awareness Important?

The awareness that what you are seeing during the sleep is only a dream- a mere shadowy sequence; or, the feelings of pain or pleasure you are experiencing are not real life occurrences is very important for the physical and psychological well-being of the people. Some people are so horrified by the events or experiences during the dreams that they start profusely sweating and almost drench their beds. There are others who start shouting or screaming during the dream to the horror of their family members.

Have you ever noticed that during fearful dreams your heart starts almost pounding, thumping so heavily that it appears it will burst out of your chest? Or, it starts sinking so deeply that you feel you are going down into some kind of steep, dark abysmal depth. Or, you are being suffocated to death. One wonders if the cause of death of some normal and healthy people during sleep is that they see such horrible dreams!

There are still others who start talking, mumbling, giggling or laughing- quite often incomprehensively—during the dream and cause inconvenient feeling to those who are lying close to them. When told about their behaviour during sleep, they naturally feel embarrassed. People often remember their nightmarish experiences during the day and cannot concentrate on their work, eat properly or spend the day normally. They start dreading the approach of night for the fear of seeing the similar dreams. Such behaviour or such experiences during the dreams underline the importance of developing the ability to see the lucid dreams or retain the consciousness that what you are dreaming about is just unreal, empty and has no substance. The best way to develop the awareness during the dreams is to meditate as you lie on the bed for sleeping. The process involves focusing on the fact you are a wakeful and intelligent spirit or soul and that you will retain this awareness even when your body has gone to sleep to take rest. Or, still better, you will remain conscious even when you lose awareness of the body which is what sleep basically means.


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