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Why Are TV Psychic Programs Popular?

The past decade has seen a rise in TV talk shows and programs that are devoted, or show some interest, in the paranormal and supernatural.  Today, you can find TV talk shows that are hosted by clairvoyants, mediums and fortune tellers, as well as documentaries that showcase the extraordinary abilities of psychic people, and popular programs which are rooted in the paranormal like Medium, The Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural. Here's a brief look at why TV psychic programs have rapidly grown in popularity today.

What Are The Most Popular Paranormal TV Shows Of The Decade?

The past decade has seen a flurry of poplar TV show and programs that deal with paranormal phenomena.  One show that's currently popular is “Medium” which stars Jake Weber and Patricia Arquette.  The show's plot revolves around a medium who dreams about events before they take place, and she teams up with a detective and district attorney in preventing crimes.  'The Ghost Whisperer” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, is about a young woman who operates an antique store, but has an ability to see, and talk to ghosts.  “Supernatural” which stars Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles, is about two brothers who travel around the country, and investigate events and occurrences involving monsters and other supernatural creatures and entities. “Carnivale”, which stars Clancy Brown and Nick Stahl, is a dark and eerie drama that is set in the depression era of the 19030's, and is revolved around a traveling carnival that experiences weird and mysterious events.

Why The Current Obsession Over The Supernatural?

The rise in the popularity of supernatural and psychic TV shows a growing obsession among people towards  the unknown. A sizable segment of the viewing public, according to psychic researchers, are very much intrigued by the fear of the unknown as well as the unexplainable.  Today, the most successful paranormal franchise generally features a romantic tale between an ordinary human and somebody who's either out-of-this-world, or is blessed with supernatural and psychic powers. And while the forbidden romantic angle is not new to most TV viewers, society has always been mysteriously drawn into anything that talks about magical powers, as well as the struggle between good and evil. 

Is The Supernatural, And Psychic, Popular During Hard Times?

According to sociologists, the rise in the number of TV programs that deal with the paranormal and supernatural is often noted during tough economic and financial times.  For example, the age of the Super Hero fiction was very popular during World War 2, when the US, Europe and much of the world was in the midst of a major conflict.  It is during these times that people turn to fictional characters, as well as the unknown, for hope, inspiration, or outright fun and escapism. It's also during these hard times that people look to mediums, fortune tellers and clairvoyants for answers on a wide array of issues and concerns.

And while religious conservatives consider supernatural beliefs and occult practices bizarre and sinister, they continue to be fully embraced by popular culture.  From psychic books to movies and television shows, majority of psychology experts stress that popular art and culture has always had a close affinity or association with the supernatural and paranormal, regardless of whether it's a spoof about a psychic medium, or the invocation of a person's supernatural abilities.



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