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Who is Psychic Tyler Henry?

Tyler Henry is an American psychic clairvoyant who appears in the reality TV show known as Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry in E! Television Network in January 2016. His real name is Tyler Henry Koelewyn and he was born on the 13th of January 1996. His show doesn’t have a script and people have been criticizing it as ‘fake’, ‘fraud’ or ‘con’ as some people do not believe in psychic abilities to be true because they see no basis or solid proof to support such abilities.

Tyler Henry claims to have known that he is a psychic when he was 10 years old, he gives reading to his classmates and former teachers in Hanford’s Sierra Pacific High School and he wanted to become a hospice nurse. He then got discovered by Hollywood clients and got himself a reality TV show contract. He started filming at the age of 19, just a week after his birthday. He believes that he needs the criticisms that he is getting at the moment as that is what will make him better at his field. Tyler Henry is openly gay.

A lot of people seem to be skeptic about mediumship and clairvoyance, and we cannot blame them because when you dig deeper into learning about psychic abilities, it would be hard to explain such amazing phenomenon and a lot of people find it hard to believe if you are not able to explain it to them. Here are some of the skeptics’ comments about Tyler Henry and his sudden rise to popularity.

“It is hardly a skill to guess at celebrities lives” – Sharon Hill of Doubtful News. She believes that what Henry says is scripted and are only televised to deceive his audiences.

Susan Gerbic called Henry a ‘grief vampire’ as she believes that he is preying on the weaknesses of people who are vulnerable and those who have lost their loved ones.

“What Henry is doing isn’t entertainment, it is deception.” – Hemant Mehta

“Henry wishes to inject made up BS. He is not a trained counselor, and working with the grieving is very tricky. The potential for harm is tremendous” – a Neurologist, named Steven Novella, said that psychics such as Henry himself are grief vampires.

"From the previews, it looks fairly exploitative and tasteless." – Huffington Post

Tyler Henry have received more of skeptic criticisms like the ones stated above, he just shrugs it off and let the people say what they need to say regarding his work and his nature. He believes that he needs this to grow into a better psychic than he is today.

Here are a few facts about Tyler Henry:

  1. He loves to drink coffee while meditating in the morning.

  2. He loves using the word ‘immensely’, especially when he is getting a bit overwhelmed in processing his intense feelings; his brain registers it as an ‘immense’ feeling.

  3. A fan once thought that he is Dylan Minette, Clay Jensen, of 13 Reasons Why. But he was more often mistaken as Macauly Culkin, a younger version though.

  4. The first CD that he bought himself was Jesse McCartney’s album, ‘Beautiful Soul’ in 2004.

  5. He loves Lana Del Rey.

  6. He loves carbohydrates! Pasta. French fries.

  7. His favorite movie is ‘There’s Something About Mary’, he finds Cameron Diaz naturally funny so he watches it every now and then.

  8. His favorite curse words are ‘Heaven’s to Betsy!’ he finds it hilarious to curse with the obscenity of an old woman.

  9. He prefers kittens over puppies as he thinks they are easier to take care of given they nature to clean up after themselves.

  10. He prefers LA over New York, Instagram over Twitter, Nutella over Bacon, Britney over Christina, Coffee over tea and 2am over 2pm.

If you want to know more about him, you can visit his website: https://www.tylerhenryhollywoodmedium.com


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