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Who are the clairvoyants?

The clairvoyants is the duo who joined America’s Got Talent Season 11 in 2016. They are Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass and both are from Vienna, Austria. Before they joined the talent show, Thommy and Amelie were already appearing and performing in various galas, shows, and corporate events together. They even perform their magic shows on cruise ships.


Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass have their own views on how people should be entertained. They use magic tricks and shows to amaze their audiences and they never fail to make them pleased and dumbfounded on their shows. Their performances range from brief and fleeting magic shows to a lengthy sorcery exhibit of their talent.


In 2015, they were awarded with the “World Champions of Mentalism” at the World Championship of Magic that was held on the 27th to the 30th of August in Seattle, USA. It was originally arranged and scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain.


The woman, Amelie van Tass, said that she realized and found her love for performing in front of a large audience when she was young. She graduated from MoveOn Dance Center, located in Vienna, Austria, as a proficient and competent dancer in 2010. While she was studying, she honed her growing interest and love for carrying out and presenting arts and illusions. She is affirmative as she declared that she is the only female clairvoyant in the whole world.


How did they audition in America’s Got Talent 2016?


Their audition was shown on episode 1101, as Thommy Ten asked Heidi Klum to get and present her and bag and get any random thing inside it. This is happening while Amelie was blindfolded on the stage. After Heidi Klum picked an item, Thommy asked Amelie what the item, that one of the judges picked from the bag, is. She correctly guessed the details of the item, which is a lipstick. The crowd and the judges were amazed as the item was picked randomly by Heidi Klum and there seems to be no way, that the girl who was blindfolded from afar, would have guessed it.


They were also able to stun everyone, audience and judges, with their other performances such as when they asked Howie Mendel to roll a die then covered it with his hand. Then, still blindfolded and a few feet away from the judges’ table, Amelie was able to guess the number of the die. Then another trick was when they asked judge Louis Tomlinson to get one card from the deck, Amelie still got it right.


What really stunned everyone was when Amelie was asked to guess the serial number from a bill and she correctly announces each number. When they were done performing, they got a standing ovation from the judges then proceeded to the quarter finals, to the semifinals, to the finals and then lastly, the finale. They did not get the first place, but was good enough to land on the second place of the competition.

Alongside their victory, also came a bunch of criticisms that the were fakes or that they were using a device that Thommy taps and Amelie would decipher as to how she hears what his message relays. It’s just crazy. There really are non-believers and you couldn’t blame them if something that amazes them also makes them skeptic about it. Especially if it is a magic trick where you cannot actually see or know as to how or why they are able to guess it correctly. But the clairvoyants, Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass, just brush these criticisms off because they no better than to spill their tricks to the whole world.


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