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What your sign says about you?

If you are just a starter in believing in horoscopes, it is important to now the horoscope dates. Your horoscope dates reveal what is your zodiac sign. Below is a simple guide where your birthdate falls:

Aries - March 21- April 19

Taurus - April 20- May 20

Gemini - May 21- June 20

Cancer - June 21-July 22

Leo - July 23-August 22

Virgo - August 23-September 22

Libra - September 23-October 22

Scorpio - October 23-November 21

Sagittarius - November 22- December 21

Capricorn - December 22- January 19

Aquarius - January 20- February 18

Pisces - February 19- March 20

Horoscope dates reveal something about you. Each zodiac sign has their own qualities and characteristics.

Aries are natural born leaders, aggressive and physically active because they love to go out. If you are an Arian, you have the tendency to be impulsive. You love to act rather than to talk.

Taurus are very secretive. They won’t open their feelings to others. They tend to separate themselves from others. But they are doers because they tend not to leave in whatever will be, will be. They think of tomorrow and make things as early as possible.

Gemini is usually talked by other signs. This is because of their talents and ability to make things better. They are always ahead than others because they are adventurous.

Cancers are very passionate. Love to their family and special someone matter most. Cancers are very passionate companions.

Those who are born under the sign of Leo are faithful. Love no one but his present love. Though when a relationship fails, he never look back again, it’s over and done.

In a give and take relationship, Virgo is the one who always gives. Even in a serious relationship, when they are broken, they still manage to survive because they tend to understand things.

Librans are the ones who make things easier and life full of adventures. But they are often successful in business.

Scorpios are powerful. One problem that can be seen to those who are born under this sign is their attitude. This can only bring them to success or failure.

Sagittarians are explorers; they dream believed and make their own way to achieve their dreams. They have this positive outlook that everything is possible and attainable.

Capricorns take an extra look before entering a relationship. They just jump in if they are sure about their partner and once they enter into a relationship, you can’t question their loyalty.

Aquarians set trends and made up your own things. That’s why many inventors are born Aquarians because of their intellectual capacity.

Pisceans are quite confused in nature because they possess two sides of the coin and tagged as the most sensitive in nature. SO when a relationship fails, they need a long time to recover.

Your Horoscope dates reveal your own personality. Though there’s an exception to the rule. If you were born at the end date of each horoscope dates, there’s a tendency that you can acquire some traits of the succeeding sign. And if you were born on the first day of horoscope dates, you will have some traits of the sign before your actual sign.


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