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What You Need to Know About Men and Relationships

Have you ever wondered how a man thinks regarding love and relationships? Did you ever feel like you wanted to try to understand and comprehend how they think, what they’re thinking about and who their thinking about most of the time? Well, here are some of the things that could help you understand how men think. Actually, a lot of people say that men are predictable and that they are very easy to understand if to only give enough time and effort to try to decipher and figure them out. So if you are reading this and you are a woman then you will learn how to understand how men are and how they think and when you do, it would be easier for you to flirt and impress them. It’s a great feeling when you know that you have the ability to flatter a man by a compliment or two. So how do men think? There are some women who challenges themselves by trying to get a man’s attention or heart, or even just trying to create a good impression or influence on him could make you feel good about yourselves. And there are also women who try to change their partners just so he can fit in with the woman’s fantasies about men. Why would you want your man into someone who he isn’t when you can actually try to learn about their way of thinking? Read on so you will know more about men. 1. Most men believe that the compliments that they receive are true If you are trying to get a man to notice you and give you his attention then you can never go wrong with the right compliments. Yep, whatever you say to him, as long as it is something to compliment him then he’ll probably smile and believe that it is completely true. You could give small complements such as: “I like you hair” or “Your shirt suits you” or “You smell really nice” or “You are very funny, I like that!” and the man would react in a positive way. They will thank you as they accept the compliment and they won’t think that you are being too nice or being sarcastic. Good men appreciate good comments and compliments and they also deserve it. 2. Most men are easily impressed Ask a man if men are easily impressed and they’ll agree with you! They get impressed by women who isn’t afraid to show their affection or to let them know how they feel for example, they like it when the woman they’re flirting with flirts back at them. In fact, if the woman returns or responds to they’re move then she is the most beautiful and kindest woman in the world. In their eyes. Keep in mind that you should do this even when you have been dating for quite long already. Keep on teasing and flirting with your man to maintain the love and let the sweet, happy moments coming in. 3. Most men think that they need to protect everyone whom they love Men have been thinking like this since the early primitive days, when they have to hunt and protect the family while the women stay at home and take care of the family. They think that it is their duty to keep their love ones safe and secured from harm, pain and problems. And up until now, that is how men think. If you are in a relationship with a man who thinks that it is his duty to help, assist or protect you then all you can do is to let him do it. He is proud that he can and he is happy to keep you safe. Do not stop him from doing what he wants to do as it may just result into complications and conflicts. It is guaranteed that he will love you even more when you let him protect you and your little family. 4. Most men believe that they can handle any emotional problem or issues that would come their way Men are egoistic people and they think that they would be able to handle all the emotional storms that they encounter. They think that they do not need to call someone to cry on when they are hurting and that they can fix everything just by staying at home for one whole week or going to the nightclubs to drink their pain away. Men would rather vomit and puke their hearts out than admit that they are hurt and that they can’t handle the pain anymore. The truth is they are also fragile and that they could be as sensitive as women. It is just that they have a pride to protect and an ego to take care of and that is what makes them so hard headed. When you love a man, try not to step on his ego as it may start big problems in the relationship. 5. Most men fall for looks over anything else This is somehow true because as much as they say that they like intelligent and smart women whom they can have deep conversations with everyday, they will fall for women who has pretty faces and who dresses in a sexy way. As they say, men are visual and they would literally grab it when they like what they are seeing. It could be different for some men but to most of them this is how it is and this is how it will be for eternity. So if you want to get your man’s attention or you want him to listen to you because he has been quite busy with work or something, then just dress sexily before going to bed and he’ll give you the attention that you have been wanting. So basically, men are simple minded people who are easy to please and fun to be with. You just have to know how to handle their attitude, their pride and their thinking so you can continue on with a relationship with them. And remember, always try to understand and try to know where they’re coming from so you can have a healthy and happy relationship together.


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