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What to Do After Your Psychic Reading

You have just been through your first psychic reading. What is the best thing to do to make sure you maximize the results of the reading? What do you do if you agreed with what the reader told you? What do you do if you are in total disagreement?

Go for What’s Best for You

Regardless of whether you get a positive or negative reading you have the power to change its results. You are the only one who has the power to shape your future. The reading you just got is merely a guide. The reading simply mirrors the present energies you produced which the reader picked up. Therefore if you did not like what the reader said, be specific on what you want and see what happens.

Turn Negative Things into Something Fruitful

If on the other hand your reading shows a better future but you do not set the tone for it to happen, it won’t. If you feel what the reader is not going to happen, your negativity will change the course of the energy you emitted during the reading. Given this fact, you may think that a psychic reading can be a futile exercise.

Most readers have techniques and tools to help you make good use of the positive things you receive in reading. There too are similar techniques and tools to help you counter the negative things said. You have the power to make even the most negative effects of a reading work to your advantage. Everything you think, feel and do after a reading will affect your perception of your entire reading. That is your built-in power.

No Guarantees

Regardless of what the reader tells you, your expectations of the future are what is important. There is never a guarantee that readings will come true. Even psychic readers will not guarantee that their reading either positive or negative will happen. Neither will they guarantee that you will be happy with everything you hear during the reading.

What happens in your life is based on the choices you make. Clairvoyants do not have wands that will make sure that all their positive readings will come true and all negative readings can be discarded. A reader will tell you what to expect. She can teach what to do with the outcome of your reading. She will give you the tools and tips on what to do after a reading. The rest is all up to you.

Make Positive Life Changes

The best thing to do after a reading is to go in the direction of the positive advice the reader gives you. Take the reader’s positive prediction as the truth of the future only if you believe in the reliability and reputation of the reader. In the course of the reading your gut feel will tell you if the reader is indeed reliable. With regards to negative readings, ask your reader what you can do to deal with them. Write down all the reader’s advice.

Remember a reading is simply a guide on the path to take towards your future. Do not rely on positive readings to simply happen without working on them to happen. On the other hand, never let a negative reading let you down. There are things you can do to revert a negative. The power is in your hands!



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