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What to do after a psychic reading?

If you are seriously considering having a psychic reading from a psychic reader then it would be best to fully prepare yourself for what you are about to know and what you are about to receive. One of the most important things to think about before having a psychic reading is what you actually want to get and reap from the reading. Think about what you really want and ponder upon the questions that you want to ask to the psychic reader before going to an actual reading.


Also, lessen your expectations and do not presume that the psychic reader would have all the answers to every question that you ask them, especially if you are limiting yourself to only try one reading session. Yes, it could be possible to answer every question that you ask them but it would take more than just one reading session as they won’t immediately have every answer. Sometimes, the information, messages and knowledge that the psychics receive won’t seem to be beneficial for the client at the moment but soon after a few weeks, months or years, the information given will finally make sense.


In order for you to get everything that you wanted to know from a psychic reading, you have to tell the psychic about what you are hoping to get from the reading session. Let them know if you want to have a solid goal, or clarity, or receive good advices and guidance from them during the session. It is also important for you to choose the right psychic. Someone whom you feel comfortable with and someone who can give you the result or answers that you need.


Okay, so you and the psychic of your choice had just finished a reading and you must have paid a goo amount for all the information and knowledge that you received, yes? Now it is time to make the most out of it and put all the knowledge into understanding and to good use!


First, you should open your heart and your mind and reflect on the information that you just gained. Absorb everything and let it all sink in. You can ask yourself this question: “How do I feel about these information or about the reading that I just had?”. You may be feeling positive and certain that everything is under control and that is a good sign that you had a good reading with a genuine psychic.


Second, grab a pen and a paper and write down everything that comes to mind regarding the reading. It is best to do this while the information that you received from the reading is still fresh and new. You can make notes and write a reflection about it as this could help you go back and reflect harder after a day or two or even a week. Here are some guide questions that could help you write your reflection:


- What information that you got from the reading resonated with you and why?

- Were you able to come up with major or minor decisions after the reading?

- Did you receive any useful and beneficial advice, insight and guidance from the psychic reader?

- Could you see it helping you for a better future?

- Did you learn extra knowledge about yourself?


Just remember that you can always reread the reflection that you wrote when things seem to be hard and tough for you. Just go back to what the psychic reader told you to bring you back in a positive, steady and peaceful state.


Third, it is normal to feel lightheaded after every psychic reading as there would be a lot of energies flying around. The psychic reader would need these energies to be connected to you and to receive important and useful information about you. You would have to keep yourself grounded after psychic readings and make sure that you reconnect to the Earth. You can eat a little snack or do something that involves physical activities to help you stay grounded.


Fourth, start making positive changes and adjustments. This is the best part after the reading as we all know that most people opt to have a psychic reading because they wanted to know more about and change a certain aspect of their lives. Most people would want to gain clarity about something that happened that they never got to understand themselves or they would want an effective advice on how to forgive and bring peace into their lives after a traumatic event that passed them a year ago or they could be looking for the love of their lives and the psychic reading was able to give them guidance on how they could attract someone who could be their soulmate.


Whatever it is that you gained and obtained during the reading, use it to fuel yourself up, start anew and walk towards the betterment of your life. Allow happiness, success, joy, contentment, excitement and satisfaction overwhelm you and change the way you think and act to allow yourself to be the best person that you can be.


Along with the change of heart, mind and spirit, you should also work your way around the negative energies, negative people and negative things that surround you. Remember that you do not need any negativity in your life, all you need are the people who care about you and love you with all their heart, a job that doesn’t stress you out so much and a mind that thinks about nothing else but happiness, love, and success.

After every psychic reading, whatever information, knowledge, message and guidance were given to you, it won’t necessarily happen in a few days after the reading. For example, when the psychic reader told you that you will be experiencing a promotion at work, it could mean and it could happen in a few weeks or months or could be years. Learn to practice your patience and wait for the right timing!


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