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What one can get from psychic readings

Psychic readings can be predictive as well as directive. The predictive readings may be in answer to the client’s queries such as will I marry such and such person? The predictive reading may be in affirmative or negative answers. The questions in directive or consultative readings may start with words like ‘why’,’ how\, or, ‘what’ and may seek the guidance of the psychic in resolving problems. For example, a client may ask the psychic: How do I live more amicably with my partner? Usually predictive and consultative readings go side by side. Prediction, by itself, is no use without any plan or strategy to fructify it. Ideally speaking, the psychic readings should aim at bringing about a positive attitude in the thoughts and outlook of the client. Psychic readings should help the client-seekers to accept life as it comes and seek happiness out of it. After all it is the happiness that everyone seeks. Psychic readings should help the clients to think positively and creatively and realize the full potential of their capabilities whatever the circumstances in life.

Predictive psychic reading can prove accurate within certain parameters of time, circumstances and situations only. Your success may depend upon the combination of certain conditions. For example, your psychic tells you that your plan will succeed if you seek the help of a certain person. What if that particular person is not available at the nick of time? He may be compelled to leave the scene due to some other emergency?

Your reaction in such a situation will be either to accuse your psychic of making wrong predictions or cursing your fate and plunging into a fit of depression.

A consultative psychic reading is equally and perhaps much more important than predictive reading. It may guide you to formulate strategies to live your life creatively. Instead of predicting whether or not you relationship with your spouse will end in divorce, a constructive psychic reading will help you to understand your relationship with your spouse in true context, develop compassion and look at the positive side of her/his nature, or, still better make you understand the law of karma that explains why a person suffers and how that suffering can be mitigated and even transformed into a state of bliss.


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