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What Makes a Psychic Real

There are different kinds of people with different personalities, characteristics and traits from all over the world. All of us dream to have a wonderful and successful life with a loving and caring partner, a career that is able to sustain us with sufficient or extra money that we could use to live our lives happily and contentedly and a support group of friends and family members who we could actually go to in time of need, despair and misery. Often times, we do not get what we wish for and that is why people get buried and drowned in fear, confusion and sadness.


Because of this, most people go to psychics for help and assistance as to how they can find the things that they are looking for in this world. Not everyone can give you words of wisdom, great insights and empowerment that a psychic can provide.


How can psychics give you great advices and insights?


Psychics are people with extrasensory perception and an intuitive ability that allows them to gather and perceive knowledge and information about other people. They see images, symbols, colors, and visions  in their heads that can tell them about a person’s past, present and future lives. This is why people can say that they can foretell the future.


However, they do see visions and images in their head but it all comes off as blurry flashes that sometimes doesn’t make sense to a psychic. They should be knowledgeable in interpreting and decoding the messages that they receive before they relay it to the people involved.


How can you tell if a psychic is genuine and real?


1. A genuine and real psychic will definitely not include their personal opinions, beliefs and judgment in the reading that they will be giving to you.


Yes, they will tell you what they see and give you useful and beneficial advices that you would be able to utilize for the betterment and the development of your life. Although, psychics are also normal people with extraordinary capabilities, they are still able to generate their own opinions and views about you and about what they see. Genuine psychics would never tell you about how they think and reprimand you like they are your parents. They will keep that opinion to themselves and give you what you need in order to move on with life and establish a life on your own.


2. A genuine and real psychic will always be honest and will tell you everything that you will be needing to hear as they know that it is not their knowledge to retain.


Whatever they see in their heads, they must tell it to you. No more and no less. You are entitled to that knowledge and any psychic does not have the right to keep it from you.


3.  A genuine and real psychic should be specific in what they want to tell you.


Sometimes, psychics aren’t accurate as the future is not set in stone and there are moments which will cause it to turn out different. But psychics should always be specific about the things that they are telling you and they should never beat around the bush. If you notice that the reading is vague, obscure and unclear then your psychic is not a genuine psychic.


4.  A genuine psychic should do the talking during the reading session.

Well, they could ask you a few questions if they need to confirm an information that they have gathered but they should never ask you something that would reveal about something personal in your life. The psychic should be the one telling you what you need to hear and not vice versa.


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