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What it takes to be a psychologist

Psychologists pertains to an individual that are proficient in providing psychology related activities that will aim to improve the health care integrity of an individual seeking for emotional intervention. In this case, psychologists are licensed medical practitioners who have an excellent background in psychology particularly by providing counseling therapies for individuals that are suffering from mild anxiety to severe depression incidents. Psychologists are specialized health care professionals that only provide counseling but not limited with medical procedures such as physical assessments or examining vital signs because they are not trained to handle medical related cases such as cases that are taking place in hospitals. Psychologists can be found in private clinics, hospitals, and in academic institutions such as schools because they are versatile individuals who are capable of being exposed to all kinds of environment while applying their profession to improve psychological distress in the long run.

Pertaining with psychologists, there are different considerations that can be focused by the self-awareness through the use of behavioral management that includes regulating the presence of physical aggression because these are one of the concerning issues that has to do with behavioral abnormalities. Physical aggression can be affected by the gender of the individual for the reason that each gender specifies different intellectual and mental pattern that is being brought about by the parental guidance and care. While assessing the physical aggression of the patient by the nurse, this issue can be due to the presence of current circumstances of having a poor socio-economic background. When the case scenario involving physical aggression can become worse, patients can commit physical assault against other person or even the psychologists which are one of the most inappropriate acts that should need psychological management. The reason for this kind of inappropriate behavior is that patients with psychological incapacity witness these activities with other adults such as their families who initiated committing physical assault against them.

Family background is essential for the psychological integrity of the patient because these factors can impact the person’s psychological development that can be compared with their emotional and intellectual well-being according to psychologists. Physical aggressive behavior can include the ability of the patient to maximize their motor reflexes for being playful and exhibiting hyperactive behaviors. These behaviors can vary from mild to hyperactive and can lead into significant health care concern because the child can become exhausted and may develop disease. As an intervention, it is important for the psychologists that they should assess first the severity of the person’s physical aggression as well as their family background because these are deterrents of the patient’s behavioral capacity. It is important to allow limited behaviors by setting limit to all activities so that the child will not be able to repeat the same mistakes in the future that will help them to control their inappropriate behaviors in the long run. Psychologists should be always aware that therapeutic communication is an effective solution that will make patients to improve their psychological integrity by allowing psychologists to understand their emotional pattern.


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