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What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is an art of harnessing the human energies as well as those provided by various elements or objects of nature. It is also a religion, but it is not automatically passed on from parents to children like other religions.  You do not have to be a witch because you are born of a witch. Becoming a witch is entirely a matter of your own choice.

Witchcraft or Wiicca is one of many religions that come under the umbrella of Paganism. These religions are based on nature and polytheism, which means they worship more than one god. Those who follow witchcraft are called Wiccans or witches irrespective of their gender.

Believers in witchcraft observe Wiccan Sabbaths, worship deities, and perform rituals, practice magic and spells. You do not have to discard your religious identity to be witch. Anyone can be a witch and also belong to any religion such as Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and so on.

Believers in witchcraft love, almost worship Nature in all its awesome manifestations such as the sunrises, sunsets, the forests, waning and waxing of moon as it moves around its orbit, the green meadows, plants, trees, leaves, flowers, birds, animals, tidal waves, fast moving streams, gentle summer breeze, warm sun rays in the winter, snow covered mountains and valleys, in short, all the endowments of Nature.

It is feeling grateful and humbled in the presence of magnificent and benevolent   Mother Nature.  Witchcraft is the religion of seekers, teachers, healers, helpers, devotees and worshipers of Nature.

According to archeological discoveries through caves and paintings, witchcraft has been in existence for the past 30,000 years when Paleolithic people worshipped a Hunter God and a Fertility Goddess.

The discoveries depict a man with a head of a stag and a pregnant woman encircled by eleven people. They point to the creative forces of gods, goddesses and nature that predated Christianity and many other ancient religions.

Witchcraft was considered the craft of the wise in ancient times. Those who were in harmony with the forces of nature and followed its course were thought to be wise people.

They had the knowledge of herbs, stones, plants, flowers and other mystical gifts of nature that healed the sufferings of the people.  Withes were the healers and the leaders of their community.

In course of time, witchcraft appeared to clash with the orthodox Christianity or even threaten it. One reason might be that the ailing people turned to the witches rather than to the priests to seek counsel and relief.

Witches and their followers were, therefore, hunted, tortured, prosecuted, jailed and even killed   by the orders of the priests of the church and their supporters in the ruling classes.

With advent of the New Age Movement, witchcraft has been rediscovered as a spiritual system that allows maximum freedom of thought and practice to every individual. The impact of democratic thinking has fostered the spirit of liberty in following one’s own instincts and intuitions in the choice of spiritual pursuits rather then being dictated by the traditional religions.

Witches celebrate the cycles of nature as they see divinity in them. Therefore, their celebration becomes an act of worship.  They believe in the prevalence of divinity in trees, flowers, mountains, snows, sea, rains, clouds and thunder. They consider practically everything in nature as a manifestation of the divine. They try to live in harmony with the every changing mood of nature.

Witchcraft is more than a religion. It is a way of life that brings balance and wholeness in the life. Those who become witches feel as if they have “come home.” They instantly feel connected with a much larger power or spiritual entity.

Witchcraft believes in God in form of mother goddess or Mother Nature. It also loves, almost worships, Nature in all its manifestations.  Witches love Paganism, which is a nature based and polytheistic belief system

While witchcraft allows personal freedom, it also enjoins upon every practitioner to be responsible for his actions. For example, Witchcraft clearly states that if you do evil, you will receive three fold evil in return.


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